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By Christina Rella

Once upon a time, in what seems to be an alternate universe, we all threw on skinny jeans, riding boots, and fitted tee-shirts and called ourselves “fashionable”. To top it all off, we added the ever-so-frightening infinity scarf. If this is still you, I’m not here to call your outfit “cheugy”, but I am here to help you revamp your wardrobe!

Now I wouldn’t say that skinny jeans are “out of style”, but I wouldn’t say that they’re “in style” either. Jeans are one of the most important pieces of clothing to have in your closet- so get yourself a few pairs! The trendiest jeans for fall 2021 are 90s style and boyfriend style. They both have looser fits so you can look cool AND be comfortable. After wearing these kinds of jeans, I personally never want to even look at skinny jeans again. If you’re gonna splurge on anything in your closet, make it on a pair of jeans!

Next up, we’re trading in the fitted shirts for oversized crewnecks and button-down shirts (kinda like the ones you see in your dad’s closet)! Both of these options are a great look and are perfect for layering. Crewnecks can be thrown over a tshirt, crop top, or even a turtleneck for a cute layered look. Button downs can be paired with a cute bralette or crop top and can be left unbuttoned or fully buttoned depending on your preference; they can really add a good amount of professionalism to your look while also keeping you looking chic and trendy. Both options are super comfortable and can appeal to multiple types of aesthetics. 

We’re getting rid of the riding boots completely. I hate to be the one to say it, but if you don’t live near horses, there is just no reason for you to have these in your closet. Instead, get yourself a pair of basic white or black sneakers. My personal favorites would have to be Air Force 1s, Converse, or Vans. These shoes go with almost every outfit, no matter what aesthetic you’re into; you can dress them up or down. Most importantly- they’re comfortable! If you haven’t gotten the hint by now, 2021 fashion is all about comfort.

Last but not least, we are absolutely leaving our infinity scarves in 2016 and adding some beautiful silk scarves/handkerchiefs into our lives! This is the modern-day infinity scarf except so much more appealing to the eye. You can use these in your hair, in your pocket, as a shirt (depending on the size), or even just as an accessory on your bag. The options are endless and they come in so many sizes and colors; they even look super classy and make it seem like you tried harder than you actually did!

Style is personal to everyone so don’t go too crazy trying to fit in with what’s trendy. It’s important to be comfortable in the clothes you wear but it’s even more important to be confident in them! Stay stylish girl bosses!

Jana Clark

Manhattan '22

Jana Clark is a senior at Manhattan College majoring in Communication with a minor in Environmental Studies. Her passions include writing, photography, and health/nutrition! One day she hopes to work for a nonprofit organization where she can be part of the effort to end the marginalization of vulnerable communities and fight for social justice. You can often find Jana volunteering, at the gym, or exploring different parts of the Big Apple.