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How to Stop Giving a Sh*t About What People Think

Listen up, freshmen– this isn’t high school anymore. It’s time to grow up and stop caring about what other people think. College is the perfect place to learn how to do this, because most of the people around you are too busy, stressed out, or disinterested to be judgemental towards you. You might still need a little help, though, so keep reading to find out how to stop giving a sh*t what people think.

Become more aware of your strengths

I might not know you, reader, but I know you have strengths. Everyone does. So become more aware of them! Even if you feel like there is nothing that you’re good at, it’s possible you just haven’t found it yet. Go to club meetings, meet new people, put yourself out there and you’ll find something you’re talented at eventually.

Push yourself to be better

If you already know what your strengths are, get better at them! Maybe you’re a really good runner– instead of focusing your energy on what other people think about how you look when you’re red-faced and sweaty after a few laps around the track, center your attention on getting stronger and faster. You’ll forget that the people who are judging you even exist.

Recognize that most people are just as self-conscious as you are

Everyone is just as self-conscious as you are– even the people who act like they aren’t. I know, it’s crazy to think that the person with the prettiest Instagram posts or the coolest sense of style would care about what others think, but they probably do at least a little. So it’s not weird that you’re self-conscious, but continuing to care about what others think is an extra weight that everyone should definitely let go of.

Don’t get jealous

Those people who were judging you for not looking your best after you killed it on the track before? Yeah, they’re jealous. Why do you think they pointed out how you looked even though you were totally killing it on the track before? Don’t be like them. Uplifting others will attract more people to you and when you have good friends, you’ll care less about the opinions of those who judge you. 

“Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Suess

Listen to the people who love you

If there’s anyone you should listen to, it’s the people who love you! They care about giving you opinions that are constructive, not ones that will tear you down and make you feel worse. When the people who love you tell you what they think, that is the only time you should give a sh*t.

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Jilleen Barrett is a communication major with a minor in women's studies at Manhattan College. She is a member of various clubs, such as the school newspaper and Sigma Delta Tau. She loves running, baking, and going on bike rides around her neighborhood on Long Island. She is excited to be writing for HerCampus!
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