How To: Start A Blog

Find something that you’re passionate about: This is the number one essential thing with blogging. Whether it’s cooking, travel, lifestyle, or anything really, you’re going to want to be passionate about it. When you love something, you will find it much easier to write about things. You will also find other people who love the same things as you and develop your audience!

Find the best platform and payment plan that works for you: Unfortunately, without a paid plan, it’s difficult to get an audience. However, you don’t have to blow your budget in order to blog! Wordpress is probably the most popular and most affordable option out there for people starting out in the blogging world. There’s also Blogger and Medium, something I recently discovered that’s great for professional work.

Get a unique URL/host name: Having a unique URL and host name will make your blog more easily searchable. This is essential for getting more views on your blog.

Use social media to your advantage: Social media is your best friend when it comes to blogging. Use it all; Instagram, Twitter, and most notably, Pinterest. Pinterest gives bloggers a lot of room for creativity and free expression to share with their followers. Social media is not only a promotional tool for your blog, but it allows you to further develop your niche audience. 

Keep a consistent schedule for posting: By keeping a consistent schedule, it will be easier for your followers to keep up with you. For example, I try to keep my posts consistent to Wednesday and Sunday.. It also will make sure you don’t forget when to post!

Obviously, this isn’t a complete list of what to do when your start blogging. However, I believe that these are five important tips that can go a long way. Happy blogging!