How to Not Feel Intimidated at a New School

My first semester at MC I didn't step foot in the library, fitness center, tutoring/writing resource centers, or really explore campus at all. A big part of me never entering the library or gym was not because I didn't care about my grades or fitness, but solely on the fact that I was intimated. I never saw the inside of the library or gym so I was terrified to enter and not know where to go. I always heard upperclassmen talk about how freshmen stood out and made stupid mistakes, and I tried my very best to not stick out of the crowd. Ever since I was little, I had my group of close friends at school and was always on multiple sports teams. I never worried about being accepted or being popular because it was never a thought that had to cross my mind. Coming to MC, I knew no one and never thought I would stay for my full undergrad. I felt as if everyone had their groups made up by the first week of classes and as a commuter I was left in the dust. I made friends in my classes, but it was only the people I sat around or was in a group project with. Knowing I had to at least finish off the semester before I even had the chance to transfer, I tried my best to atleast get involved hoping I would find my group. 

 I joined Women in Business and Business Analytics and Data Society, got an on campus work study job and attended passport events, but still it wasn't enough. I was still terrified to enter normal spots on campus. My second semester I was lucky enough to have made a group of really close friends that I went to the gym with and studied in the library with, and they basically gave me a tour of the campus. After making friends and putting every effort into getting involved, I ended up loving MC, but I will admit it was not easy. Being a commuter might have the perks of having home cooked meals and your own room, but it's hard to make close friendships when you're not always around or have to plan in advance when you want to go out on the weekends.

    If I could talk to my freshman year self I would give her these few small tips to ease the transition and avoid all the intimation:

Dress to Impress

I always feel more confident when I am comfortable and like my outfit. Buying a few new outfits I love, having my hair done and maybe a bit of mascara boosts my confidence level tremendously on any given day.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I can be the shyest person if I feel intimidated or don't know anyone. I have tried my best over the last two years to step out of my super small comfort zone and every time I do it benefits me immensely. I'll admit it is super hard to bring myself to do it each time, but I never regret it and neither will you! Go to that club meeting you always see advertised, rush for the sorority, go to the workout class, no one else is going to do it for you.

Go At Odd Times

This is for everyone who was like my first semester freshman year self. If you are terrified of making it obvious that it's your first time in the library or the on campus gym, go really early or at an odd time like 2pm. I would go to the gym right when it opened, and once I was familiar with it, I still went early because you practically have the space to yourself.

Try It With A Friend

I would've never entered the library if it wasn't for one of my closest friends at MC. She was always going to the library, so just following her lead made it the smoothest transition possible. (It sounds really dumb because it is literally the libary, but I cant help always worring about what people think of me!)

Do I still feel intimidated at times? Yes, but I know I am trying to overcome it and everytime I try I have succeeded. So go to that workout class or run for that eboard position. You will only regret things if you never even let yourself out of your comfort zone.

“You are only confined by the walls you build yourself.”

“Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that's the one that is going to help you grow.” - Caroline Myss