How To Maximize Space In Your Dorm Room

Adjusting to a dorm after living in your own space for the majority of your life can feel weird and unnatural. The spaces we share with our roommates may not be big as we want them to be. It may be hard to find enough space for the many belongings you own, and then add on top of that everything your roommate has! By organizing your personal belongings, you may have a cleaner space, as well as more pleasing aspects to your room! Here are some ways to stay organized to maximize space in your dorm room:

Stackable office drawers- Stackable office drawers are a multifunctional necessity that are essential for everyone's dorm room. You can purchase many at a time and keep them in functional spaces, such as under your bed. You can organize various items such as products, clothes or even school supplies. Since they are stackable, you can tower them to the length of how high your bed maybe. These drawers are sold almost anywhere, from Target to Staples, and even Amazon.

Makeup organizers- If you want to display some of your favorite everyday products, plastic makeup holders are perfect. It helps de-clutter from your collection and adds a personal touch to your room. It helps keep your desk cleaner, or wherever you may store your products. The display of them is also very aesthetically pleasing, which is a plus! Makeup holders can be very cheap (YAY!). You can purchase makeup holders at stores like Marshalls and Target!

Shoe racks- Buying a shoe rack for college was one of the best organizational pluses for my dorm room. Closets in dorms have very limited space, and it's hard to fit all of your shoes in there, on top of your clothes. Shoe racks are also a great way to show off your favorite shoes that you would like to display. Having a shoe rack is also an accessible way to grab your everyday shoes without making a mess and stressfully searching for them. Shoe racks can fit perfectly under beds, or depending on the size, they could even fit in your closet! They are also visually pleasing as well! You can purchase a shoe rack at any department store or online.

Storing small plastic baskets/bins in desk drawers- Desks can get pretty messy, and sometimes it's hard to keep track of what you have. By storing bins/baskets in your desk drawers, you can organize your personal belongings preventing them from getting lost. A smart technique is dedicating each drawer to something different. You can organize your makeup in bins in one, or hot tools and hair products in the other. Organizing properly ensures an easier process of utilizing your belongings.