How to Make Weekends Fun While in Quarantine

We’re a couple of weeks into this whole “quarantining” business and I can assume not everyone has gotten used to it yet. It wasn’t easy stopping everything abruptly and being told to go home and stay home for who knows how long. You may have not been able to say goodbye to your friends one last time, making the adjustment all the more difficult. My friends and I have found a couple of ways to still have fun with each other while being in quarantine so it feels as normal as possible! Here are a few of the things we like to do!

1. Facetime, Zoom, Google Meet

Okay, clearly this is the most obvious thing to do but if you really miss your friends (or that special someone) Facetime them! My friends and I probably Facetime once or twice a day just to check in on each other and talk. If you have a large group of friends, then I recommend using Zoom or Google Meet. Life tip here: Zoom actually charges you if you go over 40 minutes, so in this case, I recommend using Google Meet! There are so many things you can do over video chat, so be creative! You guys can pick a recipe to make individually, paint your nails, have a spa night, or just catch up! It’s super nice to hear and see your friends so try to Facetime them once a week so you don’t lose touch!

2. Online Games

Ever since the announcement of social distancing, many companies who create all of the games we know and love, created online versions of their games so that you’re able to verse your friends online! Games like Cards Against Humanity, UNO and Mario Kart are all available in online versions so you can play your friends! There are also hundreds of apps in the App Store on your phone that you can challenge your friends in. Another personal recommendation is the iMessage games that come already loaded onto everyone’s phones! There are tons of games to verse your friends in already at your fingertips, so get playing!

3. Movie Nights

You’ve probably seen this idea all over Tik Tok, but movie nights in quarantine are a thing! How you might ask? Download the Netflix Party chrome extension! Netflix Party allows groups of people to come together and watch any show or movie available on Netflix at the same time. There’s a text box on the screen so that you and your friends can text while you watch. This is such a fun idea and I totally recommend getting some popcorn, a drink and finding a comfy place to sit to really make it a fun night! 

4. Miscellaneous 

If you’ve tried all of the above tips and still feel bored out of your mind, I have a few more tips that may cure that. A huge tip I have is to finish any projects that you started before the quarantine. If you’ve always wanted to clean out your closet or redo your entire room, do it! You have so much time on your hands that now is the best time. If you’ve always wanted to take up a specific hobby like painting or playing the guitar, do it!! Practicing a little every day will only make you improve and who knows, maybe you’ll come out of this quarantine a new Bob Ross. My family and I try to have board game night once a week (which ends up being pretty intense, might I add) and themed dinners a couple of times a week (I saw this trend on Tik Tok and just HAD to take part!). It’s simple things like that that make you forget you’re trapped inside and actually let you have fun!

I hope these tips help you not go crazy while you’re inside all the time. I know I actually look forward to Facetiming my friends every day and talking to them about absolutely nothing but you know what, I have fun doing it! I hope you are all staying safe and practicing social distancing! Remember to always wash your hands! Thanks for reading!