How To Make Summer 2019 The Best One Yet

Now that the end of classes is approaching, we should all be excited about what this summer has in store. Whether it’s an internship, vacation or birthday you are excited for, it’s important that you make the most out of all opportunities this break offers us. We've all worked so hard and it's important to use this break wisely so we can finally focus on us. Here are five ways to make this break the best one yet!


1. Make some money! It's important to make money during the summer time so it’s easier to go on trips with your friends during the school year. You don't want to be worrying about the costs of all the fun things your friends are doing. I find that the best way to find a job is the old-fashioned way. Go into a local shop in your town with your resume and ask if they're hiring. The worst they can do is say no. Usually it’s easier to find jobs in a bigger store because they have more jobs to offer. Maybe there is a country club near you that is in need of help during the summer! 


2. Go somewhere beautiful. It doesn't have to be somewhere expensive. I'm not saying you have to spend a fortune on a Caribbean vacation. Just go somewhere beautiful. That could be your local beach, park or lake. Go somewhere where nature is the focal point. Take your pictures but then put your phone down and look at the view. During the year you might not get the time to sit down in a place like that. 


3. Make time to hang out with your favorite people. Some of the best summer memories I have just included me and my friends driving around town. Just being with my friends calls for a great time. Surround yourself this break by people who make you laugh. I promise you'll have a successful break if you do this. Good times don’t have to cost you money, good friends are free. 


4. Do something you've never done before. This is the time to do or learn something. It could be as big as learning to play an instrument or trying new food. Make a memory that you know you won't forget. 


5. Record it all! This one is tricky because you don't want to be glued to your phone but you want to take videos or pictures to remember it all years from now. After you've finished taking a picture or video, remember to put it away. Take a mental picture every time you take an actual picture. 


And with that, I hope that the summer of 2019 is the best one yet!