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“New Year, New Me” is about to become everyone’s favorite phrase in the upcoming months… just like it does every year. But how can you turn that cliche saying into a way to benefit you in the new year? For starters, it’s important to know that you are not a “new you.” You are most definitely the same person. However, don’t think about it as creating an entirely new you, but evolving yourself into the person that you want to become. Make this a process of evolution and not an instant change, to truly become a “new you”, or as I like to think of it, a “better you” in 2020. Here are my tips to become a better version of yourself and make 2020 you’re year of self-love, self-care, and most importantly self-improvement. 


Make One Sustainable Resolution or Goal

More than likely, your New Year’s Resolution has something to do with health. I know mine does. Except, at school, with such a busy schedule, it can be impossible to find the time or even desire to go to the gym. Instead of being discouraged or making a completely unrealistic goal (like “go to the gym seven days a week for two hours each session”), make a more realistic resolution. This year my resolutions are to cook for myself more, drink more water, and be more active. Now these goals can be attained by just a few changes and they will still be achieved. Right now, I probably cook for myself 4 times total per week which isn’t a lot. So now I want to strive for 5 times and if I surpass that, I will have accomplished my goal. The same goes for being more active. If I were to walk everywhere and strive to go to the gym a few times a week, I will have met my resolution. In creating and maintaining resolutions, be sure to make them attainable! 

Take Time for Yourself

There is nothing that makes someone less motivated than stress. So, one of the ways in which to own the new year is to take time for yourself to destress. After a relaxing holiday break, getting back to school usually seems so easy, until it’s the third week and all you have assignments due in every class. To avoid getting overwhelmed, take at least one day or night a week to relax. Spending even a few hours watching a show you like, drinking tea, lighting candles and fairy lights in your room to make it feel more cozy can all be little ways to make you feel even a little better. 

Make Your Bed 

Now this may sound like a silly way to make this year yours, but it can be very psychologically beneficial. Making your bed when you get up can make your room more inviting and a better environment to work in. Instantly, it will seem less cluttered or messy. However, another benefit is that even if you feel completely unproductive or that you accomplished nothing that day, when you return home you will have accomplished at least one task: you made your bed that morning. Simply by making your bed, you will have accomplished one task on your to-do list everyday. 

Do One Thing a Day

Doing one thing a day that you enjoy doing can be a great way to treat yourself and practice self-love. Whether that be getting a Starbucks drink you don’t normally get, treating yourself to a cookie, going for a walk, going to the gym, or spending 10 minutes catching up with a friend, you’ll be able to take time away from your busy schedule and focus on something else. Whatever you choose to do, it can be a time commitment (like the gym) or something minimal (like the Starbucks drink), you’ll be able to brighten your day. In doing just one thing for yourself a day, you can take some much deserved time for yourself each and everyday. 


Jess Villano

Manhattan '21

Jess is a sophomore at Manhattan College and is majoring in Philosophy with a minor in both Business and French. She enjoys reading, hanging out with her roommates, and traveling.
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