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By Emily Gianni

Although it feels like the fall 2021 semester just started, finals week is just around the corner and it is time to start preparing for it. Here is how I prepare for finals week.

First, I start by looking over the syllabus and seeing what I have to do in which classes. If I have projects or papers, I do this before finals week. This way, I do not have to focus on these assignments during finals week and I can just focus on my tests.  

I start studying for my finals about two weeks before finals week. I start by looking over my notes, creating flashcards, and looking back into textbooks for concepts I completely forgot about. Do not procrastinate! The more you procrastinate, the more stressed you will be when it comes to studying for all of your finals.

I also find a certain space for studying. Not everyone can study in their room with their roommates or family members making noise around them. It may be beneficial for you to go to the library, sit down in a quiet space, and get studying done. When I start studying before finals week, it is nice to sit in the library in a study room. There, I can focus because there are no distractions by other people.  

Instead of studying by yourself, study groups may be beneficial. If you are a math major or engineering major, I would definitely recommend using a study group. When studying with other people, it will help you figure out those questions you have no idea how to do or provide clarification for certain topics you may still be confused about.

When I prepare for finals, I do not have my phone next to me. I put my phone in my backpack or place it across the room. That way, I am not distracted by my phone vibrating and I am not tempted to check my phone every five minutes. I make sure I set out a certain amount of tasks to do before I check my phone. An example of this is that I would tell myself that I have to study thirty terms before I can check my phone. This persuades me to study, while keeping me detached from my phone for the time I am studying.

When I study, I also bring snacks. It isn’t good to study on an empty stomach because you have no energy to continue studying. If your stomach is grumbling, you cannot focus on anything else. I bring little snacks like Cheez-its or granola bars. I also will bring a full water bottle. When I have snacks and water, it prevents me from getting up multiple times to go do things. By having something to drink and something to eat, it gives me two less things to be distracted by.

Take a breath. Finals week is a stressful week and it is important to pay attention to your mental health. Make sure you actually study: do not procrastinate or just “wing it.” Studying for your tests are important for you to do well in your classes. Good luck on your finals and hopefully my tips and tricks help you!

Emily Gianni

Manhattan '24

Manhattan College student 2024. Studying special education with a concentration in English.
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