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How I Feel About Going Back to College During COVID-19

More and more schools are announcing their plans for the fall. Many are online, many are in person, many are a little bit of both. However, there is so much uncertainty with going back to campus. Even if you are coming back to campus, you may wonder; what happens if I get the virus? What happens if there’s a virus outbreak at the school or in my dorm? What will happen to my tuition money if everything goes online again? What about the social distancing rules, and will there be any fun at all? Everything you’ve ever known about your college life from when you left it in March is about to change drastically. And no one knows how to prepare for it. 

If you’re having anxiety about going back to college, you’re definitely not alone. Nobody knows what’s going to happen with this pandemic, and although colleges might be trying their best, there’s no guarantee that anything will work. If you have underlying health issues, you may be particularly concerned. If you’re an international student, you may also be very anxious about what’s happening. Many people in these categories are wondering if it’s even worth going back to school at all.

Students are also concerned about the social aspect of college. The reality is, many college students aren’t being considerate about others and are still partying in large crowds, causing outbreaks and spreading the virus to others who weren’t even at the party– which is scary.  If you’re a freshman, you’re probably concerned about how it’s going to be possible to make friends with almost no in-person student organizations and strict dorm rules, all while being away from your family. If you’re a senior, you’re probably concerned about not being able to find a job or having to pack up your bags again as soon as you get to campus. 

The reality is, nobody knows what the future will bring with this virus. Everyone is in the same boat, and all we can do is be considerate of each other and try to respect the rules. You have to do what’s right for you. If you want to stay home this semester, then stay home. If you don’t want to go out with your friends somewhere because you aren’t comfortable, then opt to stay in for the night. On the other side of things, if you are back on campus, give your friends the mutual respect of these wishes. We are living in a different time now. Oh yeah, and please, wear a mask!

Molly Prior

Manhattan '21

Molly Prior is a senior at Manhattan College studying communications and journalism. With a passion for women's empowerment and lifestyle, she hopes to write for a magazine such as Cosmopolitan or Women's Health.
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