How is “Hooking Up” Affecting You

We live during a time where sex and sexual culture itself is dominated by hooking up and plain, old casual sex. This cultural phenomenon found primarily on college campuses is know as hookup culture. What they don’t tell you about hookup culture, or maybe what you just don’t know about it, is that it permeates into self-image, how you behave, and how you see others. Basically, on college campuses hookup culture is the dominant culture and is affecting your everyday life whether you know it or not. Now, this article isn’t meant to scare and throw you into an existential crisis, even though admittedly I’ve been on the verge of one since really researching into it.

In a time where “women supporting women” is splashed across almost every major news station and in every girls Instagram bio, you would think that women would actually want to support other women. However, if you’ve ever heard another girl say “I don’t know why she’s with him, he’s way cuter than her” or even “wow she’s not looking cute today” in regards to another girl, that is not women supporting women. It’s just another way that hookup culture has affected how women see each other. They see each other as competition, not as a unifying community. When I go out, there’s hundreds of beautiful girls around, and instead of hyping them up, I see them as a threat. What if they talk to boy that I like first? What if she’s prettier than me? Countless questions are asked, but they all have one common theme… Every girl is the enemy.

Now that isn’t something I would typically say out loud, you know proclaiming that every other female besides myself is my rival, because usually I don’t think that and also that would just plain crazy. I love my girl friends. We have the best of time together, especially when we go out. But one thing I’ve noticed is that if one is getting the attention that another one wants, the night is, unfortunately, ruined for the most part.

Hookup culture forces us to vie for male attention, and therefore be seen as the potential threat amongst other women. Honestly, though, I don’t know how to change something that is so ingrained in campus culture. Is there even a way? My only idea is that we need to become aware of how hookup culture, something that we are so deeply apart of that it can be difficult to see how it is affecting us, behaves and forces us to act. Once we become aware of how it touches even the most remote corners of our college campuses, then we can try to change it. By not actively participating in the competition amongst women and actually lobbying for “women supporting women” is one way to start getting over the obstacle that is hookup culture. However, right we need to do the work or else this aggressive framework will continue to pit girls against each other.  Hopefully, in the future we can transform hookup culture into a more positive and inclusive culture for everyone on college campuses.