How to Cozy Up Your Room for Fall

Candles and fall scents

By getting a seasonal candle, your room is instantly transformed into a fall escape. There is nothing better than doing your homework in a room smelling of baked goods or a pumpkin spice latte. Not only does it get you in the right mood for fall, but it will make your room as cozy and homey as possible.  In my own room, I bought cinnamon sticks and put them in a bowl. Not only was it a great way to make the room smell nice but it lasted for a while and wasn’t a fire hazard. 


Blankets aren’t just functional when you’re cold, they can also make your bed and your space feel so much more inviting. There is nothing better than when you’re feeling cold than being wrapped up in one of the coziest blankets. Not only will it help ward of unwanted chilliness, but if it’s in a cute fall color or is fuzzy, it will carry out a nice warm and cozy aesthetic throughout the room and on your bed.

Keep your room stocked up with the essentials

Nothing says fall like hot chocolate, tea, or coffee, so stock up your room with these beverages. Whenever you’re feeling chilly or just want a little pick me up, make one of these easy treats to snuggle up with a blanket and relax. A nice hot beverage will make you and your room feel like a cozy fall sanctuary.


If you don’t have them already, twinkle lights or string lights are a great way to add a scenes of warmth to your room. Not only does it give off a welcoming glow, but you won’t have to use the harsh door lighting that can make you feel away from home. An added bonus is that you can hang them around your bed and use them as reading lights if they’re strong enough. This can also solve a ton of issues if your roommate goes to sleep early and you need some light! 

Fall inspired decorations

There’s nothing that gets you, and your room, more fall-ready some cute seasonal decorations. Some ideas are window stickers that you can find at any dollar store, cute candy corn lights, or even some adorable signs. There’s so many other decorations you can find at places like HomeGoods or T. J. Maxx for relatively cheap that will make your dorm room more cozy for the coziest season of them all.