How To Be Passionate

Being passionate about something is something I always wanted but never knew how to start. I used to find it so admirable when people found fulfillment in their passions. For instance, in his mid-40’s, my dad found out he was passionate about photography and creating a narrative through his pictures. He ended up being one of the most influential dance photographers and now has 70k more followers than me on Instagram. You can find a new passion at any point in your life. This world is yours to experience and find joy from. There’s really no limits. 


To start finding your passion, you first must put yourself in an uncomfortable situation. You have to leave all reservations and fears at the door and leave your room everyday with a desire to be uncomfortable and challenged. This step looks different for each individual. For some, it might be sitting down in the quad and talking to the person next to you or it could be applying for a retreat. Usually people who find a passion were once afraid or uncomfortable by the idea of it. If you are having trouble becoming uncomfortable, ask yourself what you are holding on to for security. It is your friends, family, boyfriend or job? 


Once you have gotten used to the idea of being uncomfortable, you should sign up for one thing that might interest you. Some people just read the last sentence and know exactly what they would sign up for, which is good, but it’s also ok to not know what to sign up for because you aren’t sure what you are interested in. For those people, I’d say to go on the club and organizations page scroll down with the intention that you must find something. You could also scroll down the events calendar. You have inherent interests. Somethings look more attractive than others. Just choose the one that looks most attractive to you. Whatever method you choose, you must find something to sign up for. 


After you found something to be a part of, you have to let go of any biases that might skew your view of the people you will meet and/or topics you might talk about. Try to be your own individual and reflect on what it means to be you in this scenario. Put your everything in what you signed up for and think about it even after you left. Incorporate the ideals of that group, organization or event to your daily life. Is there another club that is similar to the ideas you have now? 


 Overall, finding your passion is an ever changing journey. Sometimes you drop your passions and start other ones and that’s okay. Even if after these steps you are still not successful in finding your passions, understand that timing is a big factor in everything. Be okay with the fact that this time might not be the right time for you to uncover a passion or interest in your life. But be sure to continue to put yourself in uncomfortable situations and be your own individual. Your passion will come to you.