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Heather Ward

Name: Heather Ward

Major: Communications- Public Relations

Year: Sophomore

Relationship Status: Single

If you’re looking for someone who you can rock out with and go on spontaneous adventures in the city, Heather Ward is your girl. A Communicationc major studying public relations, her boisterous personality, love of good music and adventure makes her our campus cutie.

Heather lives and breathes New York City. She is quite honestly the definition of a New Yorker. Her endless amount of knowledge of New York City keeps her busy gallivanting around to new places all the time. She’ll keep you on your toes, taking you to cool new places all the time. The girl has practically got the entire NYC transit system memorized. Naturally, it is hard for her to pick just one favorite place.

“This is a tough question but it would either be Madison Square Garden or the West Village. MSG is so iconic and brings back such good memories of concerts I have seen there. The West Village is the best area to get lost in because around every corner is a cool vintage store, brownstone, or record store.”

And when she’s not checking out cool vinyl records or trying out new restaurants in the city, you can find her rocking out at the coolest concerts. Heather has a passion for good music. She hopes to combine her love of rock bands and her future career in public relations. 

“I defiantly want to get into the creative side of PR. In a perfect world I would be doing PR for Rolling Stone Magazine or just anything in the music business. Working for Kelly Cutrone is also a dream job too, whether I am cleaning her house or actually working for her company Peoples Revolution.”

While she doesn’t discriminate against any one type of music (except maybe country) alternative rock is the genre of music that is close to her heart. More specifically, her favorite band is Kings of Leon. She has seen them twice already and will most defiantly see them next time they tour. She also loves listening to classic rock with her parents who she jams out with regularly.

Anyone looking to take her out on a date should keep her love of music in mind.

“My ideal date is definitely something adventurous. I would love to go to a concert. Even though it is hard to talk, you can tell a lot about someone by how they act at a concert. If we aren’t dancing our bootys off, something is not right. But I would love something more chilled out like walking around Greenwich Village going through the vintage record stores too. I’m really just up for anything spontaneous.”

So if you’re up for some spur-of-the-moment adventures and jamming out to the best music on vinyl, then Heather Ward is definitely the girl for you. Guaranteed  you can talk endlessly with her about all the best Rock albums during all of your fun dates in the city.

And good news fellas, she’s single. 

My name is Kiersten Buelow, I am a Sophomore at Manhattan College. I am swimmer for the Manhattan Jaspers and a journalism major with a minor in digital media.
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