A Guide to Finding the Perfect, Inexpensive Formal Dress

Formal is right around the corner ladies! This means that along with going to formal, you gotta look good and flex on EVERYBODY! Finding the perfect dress is the first and most important step, but it could be hard to look for something that’ll make you shine.

Online shopping can be really iffy especially when the stores are only offered online. You never quite know what you are going to get inside your package. We hear about horror stories all the time so it’s my job to tell you what some reliable stores are.


#1- LULU’S

    Lulu’s is honestly one of the best online stores for formal dresses. I personally just ordered one from there and the quality is absolutely incredible. It feels expensive but the pricing is less than $100, which isn’t too shabby for a dress you could wear to a wedding, prom or a formal. There are many different styles to choose from and if you are someone who loves color, then Lulu’s is perfect for you.



    Windsor is another great store for buying formal dresses specifically. They have a wide range of dresses, with endless pages. Their dresses range from being very inexpensive to being over $100 so it fits anyone with any kind of budget. If you’re the type of person who LOVES wearing black, navy, or burgundy, this may be your perfect store. Windsor has many classic black dresses, as it never ends if you keep scrolling.



    Nasty Gal has one of the most inexpensive good quality dresses that I have ever witnessed. Their formal dresses are along the lines of $30 so for broke, college students, Nasty Gal is very ideal. Once again, for people who find themselves always wearing the color black, Nasty Gal has lots of black dresses in different styles.


#4- TOBI

    Tobi has a lot of classy dresses, with many different colors from lavender to a burning red to a muted blue. Their dresses are in the middle range of prices at around $50. If you are a fan of pastel or mellow/muted colors, definitely check out Tobi.