Gift-Giving Do's for this Holiday Season


Pieces that have a personal touch

Giving (and receiving) anything with a personal touch is something that I love! Whether it’s a monogrammed notebook or towel, or an embossed object. No matter the price, that extra touch will always feel thoughtful. Avoid any gifts that have can be tricky regarding to fit. You wouldn’t want a dress or blouse that you could not wear and ended up collecting dust in your closet. Instead, go with a piece or object that has some personal touch!


Avoid giving gifts that are too specific. Accessories like scarves or gloves can be a nice gift, but if you do not know the recipient’s style then stick with something that is more generic. Candles often get a bad reputation when it comes to gift-giving, but personally, I would prefer a candle over a gift that did not match my style any day. 

Things they have complimented you on

Pay attention to the things the recipient has complimented you on before. If she loved the earrings that you wore last time you both saw each other, gift her with the same earrings or one’s that are quite similar. Stay away from giving gifts that there is a chance of them already having. For instance, if they are obsessed with a particular brand, they most likely already have the latest product released, although it would have been a thoughtful gift. 

Simple accessories

You can never go wrong with simple accessories. Let’s say for example, a nice sleek leather pouch or an oversize black or whatever neutral color scarf. Anyone and everyone can find some use of those simple yet thoughtful gifts. 

Statement Earrings

Definitely avoid eyewear or sunglasses. There is no way to know what they will look lie when on and these go on your face! There are too many uncertain factors involved that just complicate this way more than needed. Instead, go for special pair of statement earrings. Think modern, geometric, sleek pairs of earrings instead of flashy stuff, unless that is their taste. 

Be charitable

Okay, so you know someone who has EVERYTHING. Seems impossible but there are a lot of people out there that do not have everything. Find something that the person you are thinking about is passionate about, and then donate to that cause! Did he go to Haiti? Donate to a charity over there or to the one that he went there with. Is she a dog or a cat lover? Donate to an animal rescue. Make this gift to a cause in their name. 

Think of what the recipient would like

Lastly and may be obvious, think of what the person that you are giving the gift to would like, not what you would like. Sometimes there can be a subtle difference even if you are shopping for a friend that has similar taste as you. Additionally, people tend to go overboard and fall under pressure when it comes to gift-giving. Just breathe and keep the gift simple. Remember at the end, it is all about the thought that counts!