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If you are looking for something to watch you need to check out the Free Brittney Documentary! You can find it on Hulu under New York Time Presents. It is around an hour long but filled with super interesting information about Brittney Spears and her rise to fame. I am going to write about my reaction to the documentary below so definitely check about the documentary first if you do not want any spoilers!

Briteny Spears has always been someone I have known because of her hit songs that I enjoy listening to from time to time. I never understood what she had been going through before viewing this documentary. It was unreal to me to see the effects of the media on this young woman and how it affected her mental health. The paparazzi really destroyed her and made her do things she probably had never done had she not been in the spotlight. 

The documentary was particularly interesting to me because of the interviews. You got to hear first hand about their experiences with Brittney and their relationship with Brittenys family, specifically her father. It is said that Brittneys father had filled a conservatorship over her when she was going through a tough time a few years ago. Since then Brittney has straightened out and gotten the help she needs for her mental health issues. However, she is still so silent and fans have a reason to believe she needs help. Many people have started protesting and across the country a hashtag has been started to help free Brittany.

In the end, I really enjoyed watching this documentary and I hope that soon Britteny may be able to have more of a voice in her own life. She is a brave young woman with a troubled past but definitely has a bright future ahead if she could get some freedom back.

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