Forget Boys... It's Galentine's Day!

Forget boys... it’s time for Galentine’s Day! Whether you are single, or just wanna have a great time with the girls, everyone needs this holiday in their lives. Here are some cute ideas for you and your besties to celebrate the upcoming holiday:

  1. Have a spa and wine night: Do a traditional, sleepover style- get together and pamper yourselves! Do some face masks, paint your nails, and watch your favorite movies while drinking your favorite rosé. It’s easy, cheap, and sure to be a great night of catching up with your girls.

  2. Go to a trendy restaurant: Plenty of places give out discounts on Valentines Day, and there are some great ones in the city! Try places like Black Tap, Sugar Factory, or Serendipity NYC to name a few. It will also make for some Instagramable pictures, which you know, we all love!

  3. Do a “Secret Valentine” with your group of friends: Exactly like secret Santa, only Valentine’s Day themed! Everyone picks a name out of a hat, and on the day of the celebration, everyone gets cute gifts. You can keep it cheap, too! Head to Marshalls or TjMaxx and check out the spa section!

  4. Have a cookie decorating/baking night: See which one of your friends can get the most creative and artsy with this one. You can even make it a competition! The best part? There will be tons of sweets for everyone at the end!

  5. Go clubbing: A standard. Everyone will have a good time and be able to let loose. And with so much options, like Up N Down, PHD, and 1 Oak, you're  bound to find a winner!