Falling In Love With Fall

Now that fall is approaching, I am a little too excited to do all the things that make fall my favorite season. So far it’s had a rocky start, with the very patchy rain and the inconsistent temperatures... global warming is really messing with my favorite season. However, fall will always be the best season because of many things.


#1. Apple Picking!!

I have some of the best memories with my parents in the fall driving upstate to go apple picking with some of the most beautiful views ever. I’d pick out an outfit that was very fall festive and we’d all get in the family car with bags ready to pick enough apples to last us a year. It’s even more fun to go with other family friends. At the end, my mother always made us stop at the farm’s market to get the best apple cider donuts. This has to be the best part of fall. Just the thought of an apple cider donut makes the thought of midterms week seem not so bad. 

#2. Pumpkin Spice Everything

How could I write about fall without mentioning pumpkin spice. Fall is not official without a pumpkin spice drink from Starbucks. Last fall, I found out about the pumpkin spice donuts from Dunkin. Wow. They were heaven sent. I think that pumpkin spiced candles are also a fall essential. Bath and Body Works usually comes out with a fall scented candle! I’m really excited to try it. Pumpkin spice just makes me feel at home wherever I am.

#3. Halloween 

I look forward to Halloween every year, especially in college. It can be so fun to still go out and dress up as anything you want. Planning for this is half the fun. Brainstorming creative costume ideas with your friends and going to local thrift stores to put your visions to life is what Halloween is all about! This year I’m hoping to be really creative with it and not just go to party city for my costume. Halloween is another reason why fall will always be the best holiday. 

#4. Fall fashion

Fall fashion is the best because it’s both comfortable yet you can make it really fashionable. I love jean jackets, boots, turtle necks and lots of cool hats. I could write a whole new article on fall fashion. I love that during fall outfits become more functional without dismissing its style.