Fall Wardrobe Must Haves


Fall fashion. You've just gotta love it. All of the super chic styles, colors, and textures makes it almost irresistible to put together some really unique looks. I like spicing up my outfits during the fall, especially because I love taking inspiration from NYFW and putting my own little twist on it. There are so many gorgeous looks to try out during the fall, and whether you're going for edgy, chunky, or cozy; these must-haves are essential for a fabulous fall wardrobe.


Short black booties

If I am outside during the fall time, nine times out of ten, I will probably be wearing short black booties. These, if nothing else, are my signature fashion statement. I love them because they are comfortable, cozy, and best of all, they go with almost any outfit.  


Infinity scarves

Although they may seem very basic, infinity scarves definitely know how to accentuate an outfit. Whether you wear them hanging loose or tightly wrapped up around the neck, they can easily be worn as the perfect statement piece to any outfit. 


Black Jeans

Ahh, the classic black jean. Their universal look will make every outfit you wear look all the more polished and professional. They can be worn dressed up or dressed down, and best of all, they look flattering on every body type!


A chunky knit sweater and leggings

It’s called sweater-weather for a reason. Chunky knit sweaters and leggings make for the perfect outfit to wear when pulling an all-nighter at the library. They make the fall time so much more fun, and they’re also super awesome for when you have class in a really cold room.


I hope you guys try some of these fall wardrobe must-haves! If you do, hashtag your pics with the hashtag #MCfallwadrobemusthaves and tag @hercampus_mc on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our story!