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Fake It Till You Make It: Tan Edition

The prettiest thing you can wear is a smile…and a glowing tan!

If you didn’t know, tanning is an Irish girls major to-do before a big event. I don’t think I have attended a school dance, dinner dance, award event or prom without a glowing tan! Being tan makes me feel much more confident. Certain colors, like red, look better on me, there’s no need for makeup and I don’t look sickly pale all the time of course!

Below I am going to go over my personal opinion on the top two ways of getting your glow during these cold winter months! I will not be covering tanning beds because they destroy your skin over time and have awful side effects that you can easily avoid by choosing between an airbrush tan or self tanner.

I prefer airbrush spray tans over self tanner any day.

When I mention a spray tan I do not mean standing in a booth and having a machine spray you from random directions. I mean a professional airbrush spray tan that requires an esthetician or experienced tanning specialist mixing the tan to suit your skin, and spraying every angle for the perfect natural looking tan. All my spray tan appointments are 15 minutes max and it usually lasts for two weeks if I take care of it carefully. I have never had an orange, patchy or streaky tan horror and I am so thankful for that. The only con to spray tans is the price tag.

On the other hand, self tanners can be a life changer if you figure out the best one that works with your skin! There is no need for any appointments because you can do it on your own time and there are a few different at home methods. Gradual moisturiser, towelettes, mouses, lotions and sprays are only the most common self tanners that I know of. My main tips to anyone who is thinking of tanning on their own are:

 1. Try it out on a small patch of your skin for a couple of days first to make sure it doesn’t turn orange or green.

 2. If you choose to use a mouse or lotion make sure to apply it with a tanning mitt aka a tanning glove.

3. Read the instructions & reviews before you apply it all over.

My only worry is that if someone is inexperienced, it is very easy to end up with a streaky or orange tan if not applied correctly or use the wrong product for your skin type. If I had to recommend a self tanner I would say “Loving Tan: 2 hour express” (but it may not work for everyone!)

No matter what way you decide to tan, make sure to exfoliate the days leading up to a tanning event, and then moisturize to keep your tan glowing for days after. Do not apply deodorant, oils, lotions or shave prior to a tanning session (causes streaks/patches). If you are scared of turning orange, I would recommend starting off with a gradual tanner or learn from a friend who has mastered self tanning for everyday use, and then spend the money on a spray tan for bigger events!

Happy Tanning Ladies xx


Dayna McGinley

Manhattan '22

Dayna is an Accounting & Marketing double major. She's an Irish girl who loves everything lilly, beachy & especially pearls!
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