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By Jenn Guilbeault

New York city is known for its high class dining and significant prices. Although this can be true, there are many ways and places that you can eat on a budget in NYC. NYC has a variety of cheap restaurants, happy hours, and deals that you can find while walking around the city. Here are a few examples of ways you too can eat on a budget in NYC.

  1. Bottomless Brunch- NYC has so many extraordinary places that serve bottomless brunch over the weekend. Most places that I’ve at least noticed run around $35 for unlimited drinks and a meal. This staple social scene is one of the city’s most popular social scenes and is much possible. Bottomless brunch can be affordable and is one of the best values that restaurants around the city have. Some restaurants that hold affordable bottomless brunch include:

Pig and Khao- $18 bottomless mimosas for 90 minutes (Lower East Side)

Rustik Tavern- $38 for unlimited select cocktails, wines, and beer with purchase of one entree (Brooklyn)

Ainslie- $28 for 90 minutes of selected cocktails and one entree. (Brooklyn)

  1. Food Trucks- If you are looking for cheap food, food trucks are also the way to go. Located on almost every corner, mostly around parks such as Central Park, Union Square and Midtown, you can find cheap, quick eats from around $5-7 for every meal of the day. You can find hot dogs, gyros, halal items, and lots more grab-and-go food. 
  1. Eating In- The healthiest option that you can find in NYC is making your own meals. NYC has many Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and deli’s (the most popular). Also on most streets you can find fruit and vegetable stands that you can use as healthy, cheap options to make your own meals. If you don’t have that much time within your busy schedule to cook for every meal, meal preps can save you time and will also help you save.
Jennifer (Jenn) Guilbeault is a Junior at Manhattan College. Jenn is a communication major with the concentration of public relations and has a minor in psychology. Jenn is also apart of the sorority on campus, Sigma Delta Tau, secretary for SoNYC, and is apart of Lotus Magazine. When Jenn is not in class or doing homework you can find her traveling, shopping, exercising, eating anything/ everything in sight, and hanging out with friends and family.