Don't Judge a Band By It's Cover

There are countless small indie/alternative bands that are extremely underrated, as they do not usually fit into the “stereotypical radio music”. This being said, an upcoming band with an unusual name is gaining popularity in the indie/alternative world. They call themselves “Rainbow Kitten Surprise”, and all met during their freshmen year of college at Appalachian State. This band has played many shows in the New York area, as they are currently on tour now. If you find yourself interested in indie/alternative types of music, Rainbow Kitten Surprise could certainly interest you. 

The Rainbow Kitten Surprise concerts are to die for- they are phenomenal performers. Most recently, my friend and I went to a show at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan. It was my second time seeing this band, and one of the best nights I’ve had in awhile. 

Not only did RKS play a spectacular show, but it came to my surprise that I found myself loving the opening band as well. “Mt. Joy” was the name of this opening band. I hadn’t heard of them before the concert, but they do play the same type of music as RKS. 

From going to these concerts, I have come to know that good vocals and instrumentals aren’t the only thing that makes a concert enjoyable. Rainbow Kitten Surprise and Mt. Joy have shown that there is so much more needed to complete the experience- like the light shows, the effects, and the overall energy brought to the audience by the performers. Live music is a wonderful thing and Rainbow Kitten Surprise, as well as Mt. Joy, truly know how to give the indie/alternative crowd an unforgettable time.