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Deciding Which Birth Control Option is Best for You

In case you didn’t know, birth control is an amazing thing. It really allows women to have control over their lives and be their best selves! It also has so many health benefits, and really, no terrible long term repercussions. However, there are so many different types of birth control, that sometimes, wondering what type you should use can get confusing. Many women wonder what the best type of birth control for them might be. So here is a list on the most common types of birth control and a description so that you can make the choice on what’s right for you (also note: this is a list of short term birth control options, meaning they’re not permanent and won’t affect your fertility):

The pill: 

The first type of birth control invented, and probably the most commonly used one. The pill is a hormonal birth control pill that needs to be taken once every day at around relatively the same time in order to be the most effective. The pill is probably the easiest one to get ahold of, but many people do not like the responsibility aspect of taking the pill, as it can be easy to forget. If you are going to go with the pill option, definitely make sure that you’re a type of person who has a good memory and sense of time.

Intrauterine Device: 

An IUD is a copper birth control ring that is inserted into your vulva and cervix. Something that people like about an IUD is that you don’t need to take anything for it, and it lasts for around 3 years. However, an IUD is not for everyone, particularly for women that have vaginal issues or endometriosis, as the process can be incredibly painful for certain conditions.

The implant:

The implant is an upper rod inserted under your arm. This one is another one that’s effective for around 3 years and can be removed at any time. 

The shot: 

The shot is exactly what it sounds like; it’s a birth control shot that goes into your arm for protection. The shot is quick and simple, and should ideally be inserted every 3 months. 

The patch: 

The patch is a patch with hormones that you simply just stick to your stomach that releases the effective birth control hormones into your body. This is one that you have to replace weekly. So this is another one that may require a little bit of responsibility.

It’s important to know your options for birth control, and to talk to your doctor or health care provider about which options will be best for you!


Molly Prior

Manhattan '21

Molly Prior is a senior at Manhattan College studying communications and journalism. With a passion for women's empowerment and lifestyle, she hopes to write for a magazine such as Cosmopolitan or Women's Health.
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