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With the Christmas season in full swing now that Thanksgiving is over, I thought I would share some of my favorite stocking stuffers under ten dollars. I find stocking stuffers an affordable way to buy your friends and family gifts if you are on a budget. Here are some of my favorite stocking stuffer ideas!

A silicone dachshund ice tray 

This ice tray is available on amazon for $9. It is such a cute gift idea for anyone who loves dogs. Reviews of the product say that the silicone is great and it is very easy to take the ice out and the shape does not break. I would definitely recommend this for any parent, sibling or friend who loves dogs especially dachshunds. 

Spa Headband 

I have been wanting to buy one of these for a while. I just keep forgetting to actually buy it! It is the perfect way to avoid getting any product in your hair while using a face mask or washing your face. You can really get a spa headband at any beauty store but they are available on Amazon in a variety of colors for $6 each. You could throw in a $2 sheet mask from sephora and you are set with a gift for your sister, mom, or friend!

Macaron Container 

A mini macaron container is a perfect way to store jewelry, loose change or medication at home or while traveling. It is available on Amazon for $7 for a set of six. They are super small, convenient and the perfect thing to throw in your bag for your various items and would be valuable as a stocking stuffer too.

Air freshener 

If you need to buy a small stocking stuffer for someone who has a car or is new to driving get them an air freshener. They sell really cool air fresheners on Etsy that are pop culture-inspired so you can get them one with their favorite musician like Justin Beiber, Harry Styles etc. It's a super thoughtful and fun gift that won't break the bank because they are all under ten dollars.  

Cable Hugging Critters

I recently purchased myself two of these in a penguin and a dog and they are life-changing. I got mine from the container store for $5 each. It has saved me so much money because my apple cords always break and that has not happened in months! It is super cute and an excellent stocking stuffer for anyone of all ages!

I hope you found some ideas for stocking stuffers! All of my ideas are under ten dollars and can be easily bought online. Maybe after you take a look at some of these items, you can go into your town and take a look at what your local businesses have to offer. It is very important to local businesses especially right now during the pandemic! Good luck with all your Christmas shopping!


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