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Changing your major: the college nightmare that everyone fears for absolutely no reason. Trust me, it’s not that deep.

If you’re thinking about changing your major, be like Nike and just do it. What’s scarier: spending your entire life doing something you hate OR switching your major in the middle of college so that your future is full of things you love? Clearly the first option is the real nightmare. Instead of worrying about how changing your major could make your life slightly more difficult now, think about how much it will benefit you for the future. 

The fact that 18 year olds are supposed to decide what they’re going to do for the rest of their life is actually ridiculous if you think about it. With absolutely little to no real life experiences we were all just expected to know what to do. This is another reason why changing majors is literally okay. College is all about learning and experiencing things you’ve never experienced before. It’s normal for your opinions to change and it’s even more normal to change your major. Even after just one college class you might learn to find out that your major is not what you thought it would be. It’s never too late or too early to switch.

I was never someone who knew exactly what they wanted to do in college. My life before college was full of the performing arts and I really knew nothing beyond that. I knew I wasn’t going to get my degree in dance so I chose to be a business major because that seemed decent enough, right? WRONG! I hated being a business major. I spent more time on the phone with my mom crying about my accounting homework than I did actually enjoying college. Being someone that hates drastic change, I was terrified of changing my major. However, after over a year of hating my degree path, I decided it was time for me to make a switch. I knew this meant having to give up some electives and to refocus my career goals, but I knew it’s what would be best for my future happiness and that’s exactly what it did.

It’s better to spend a little more time in college to get a degree that will set you up for a future of success and happiness than it is to stay in a major that will only make you more miserable as you grow. Your happiness should come before any fears and it should definitely come before any stigmas there are about changing majors. It’s literally okay. Go for it! You can thank me later. :) 

Christina Rella

Manhattan '23

Christina Rella is an Integrated Marketing major at Manhattan College with a minor in Business! She’s lived in New York her whole life and loves to travel to the city. Christina is also a member of the Manhattan College Dance Team as a dancer and Social Media Coordinator!
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