Breaking Up With Someone You Love

Your first time falling in love is an important time in your life. You feel so much bliss, and you just want to be around that person all the time. You feel invincible. It’s probably one of the greatest moments in your life, and nothing can separate you.

My first relationship was actually a great one. He was an amazing and wonderful guy. He treated me right, we had so much in common, and took me on so many incredible dates and day trips. I was 18 years old and in my senior year of high school. After graduation and over the summer, we decided not to break up. I couldn’t imagine my life without him, even if he was going to be three hours away. He was my person, he was my everything.

We were together for almost two years. In fact, it was a fairly recent breakup. To be honest, I don’t even know what happened. We didn’t fight a lot, nobody cheated, nothing was horribly wrong. One morning, I really just woke up and wasn’t in love anymore. I had changed, I moved to a new city that was bigger than both of our hometowns combined, met some amazing new people, and started a whole new life. It was so hard to admit to myself, but I knew I needed to do it, I knew I needed to make that change.

Breaking up with him was one of the hardest things I had to do. I hated it with a burning passion, I never wanted to be the bad guy, I never wanted to bring someone that kind of hurt. But I knew that staying with him while not being in love would only make me a worse person. I realized that a big reason I was staying with him was for comfort. It was safe. He was the first guy to ever truly love me and appreciate me, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be the only.

I was upset when it happened. I spent two years of my life putting so much love and effort into someone who I thought would be my forever, and how it was my fault that it ended. But life goes on. I am still the same person that I was before, only stronger. I realized that it was time to live my life to the fullest through this. So my advice? You are not the bad guy for how you feel. Do what feels right for you, and live your best life, no matter how hard that may be. What’s meant to be will work out, and everything does happen for a reason.