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Brand Spankin’ News: 5 Things You Should Know This Week

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Manhattan chapter.

As busy college students it is all too easy to shut out the world outside of our college campuses, but now you can finally keep up with breaking stories from around the world. Here you can get a sharp and easy-to-digest weekly roundup on what is going on in the news – and even better, you can read it in 5 minutes or less.

1. University of Missouri President Steps Down After Racial Controversy.

Tim Wolfe, the president of the University of Missouri, resigned on Monday, November 9th. The resignation comes after weeks of protests by the campus community about the administrative handling of racism and other ugly incidents that have occured at the school in recent months. According to the Washington Post, incidents include when the undergraduate student president was called the n-word, when a white student jumped on stage at a rehearsal and yelled racial slurs, and when a swastika was drawn on a wall with human feces. The football team was especially active in calling for change, as they threatened a boycotting of their season 

2. Fourth GOP Debate Comes and Goes.

The many, many candidates running for the Republican primary met again on Tuesday night on the Fox Business Network. One major change was that a big player was missing from the main stage: Governer of New Jersey Chris Christie was demoted to the earlier, less-watched debate. Candidates that were in attendance included Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Jeb Bush and John Kaisch. Ben Carson appealed to his voters, the ones who have locked him in a dead heat with Trump, by keeping his calm dismeanor. Trump was surprisingly collected and focused heavily on public policy. 

3. Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards 

Glamour celebrated their 25th annual Woman of the Year awards this past Monday at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Mayor Bill de Blasio even issued an official proclamation declaring November 9th “Women of the Year Day” in honor of the quarter-century old tradition. The guest list was star-studded, including Amy Schumer, Selena Gomez, Reese Witherspoon and Lupita Nyong’o. Big Winners included Caitlyn Jenner (Transgender Champion award), Victoria Beckham (Fashion Force award) and the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team. 

4. Eight Year Old Boy Accused of Murder of Infant Girl

Kelci Lewis, a one-year old girl, was found dead (pictured right) in her crib in Birmingham, Alamaba on the morning of October 11th. Her mother, Katerra Lewis, had left her in the care of her roommates children, who were far too young for the task, while they went clubbing on Monday night. While the two were out, the eight-year-old boy got extremely agitated when Kelci would not stop crying and started to commit violent attacks against the little girl. Katerra Lewis now faces manslaughter charges, but is out of jail after posting a $15,000 bail. The eight-year-old (pictured left) is charged with murder and is being held in the custody of the State Department of Human Resources.

5. New York to Increase Minimum Wage for State Workers

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that he will increase the minimum wage for state workers to $15 an hour. New York State will be the first state to set such a high wage minimum for its public employees in the U.S. According to the New York Times, this will place Cuomo, a Democrat, at the forefront of fair pay issues across America. The governor plans to do this by gradually increasing the hourly rate of state workers, and by 2018 they will be earning $15 per hour. 

Ally Hutzler Writer, swimmer, and coffee-lover.