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The Best Study Spots On Campus

The environment you chose to study in is incredibly important to your success and mental health. Personally, I know that when I do work and study in an open space with lots of sunlight, I am way more productive and motivated. It’s crucial to know what environment is best for you when studying, but if you’re like me, and like natural light, the outdoors, and lots of space, here are some of my favorite spots on campus: 

Kelly Commons

Kelly Commons has windows all along the side of the building, allowing all the study spaces to be well lit and have positive energy. There are lots of different spaces to do work in Kelly, like the tables and chairs, the couch seating areas, or comfortable seats along the side of the windows. Kelly allows you to choose what type of environment you want to study in, while also providing sunlight and lots of space to spread out. 

The Terrace 

The Terrace is the outside patio that is located near the library, under the Admissions Office. This is an outdoor space with tables and chairs open to doing work, hang out with your friends, or have lunch. I really like doing homework on the terrace because I can sit outside, while also having a table to do my work at. The outdoor environment improves my mood and motivation.  

The Library, specifically the first floor 

Similar to Kelly, the library has windows along the side of the building. On the first floor, there is complete silence, in order for you to get work done and avoid distractions. Also, on the first floor, there are seats next to the window, allowing you to enjoy the natural light while completing your work. 

The Stairs of the Quad 

An alternative option to a traditional study space with a table and chairs are the stairs of the Quad. While this option is limited to nice days, it is an opportunity to sit outside, enjoy the weather, and still get your work done. I have sat on the stairs of the Quad many times, listening to music, enjoying the spring weather, and getting my homework done. 

Manhattan College offers many study spaces with different environments for all students. As you can see, I think the best study spots on campus are those with natural light, space to move around, and relatively peaceful environments, but there are other options for those who feel differently. I suggest everyone find what environment allows you to be the most productive and take advantage of it! Good luck with homework and finals!!


Kaitlyn Hennig

Manhattan '23

I am in my sophomore year as a psychology major at Manhattan College.
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