The Best Obama Biden Memes

Memes of President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have taken the internet by storm after the results of a stressful election.

For months now, users of social media have been sharing photos of President Barack Obama and Vice President Biden, captioned with imaginary and hilarious conversations. Joe Biden is usually captured as the jokester prodding the responsible and usually, exasperated Barack Obama. I made a compilation of the best Obama-Biden memes to give you some comic relief.










[Writing the State of the Union]

Obama: So I’ll say the state of the union is…

Biden: On fleek. Say it’s on fleek.

Source: Twitter @jwoodham











Obama: “Joe, why are you still holding my hand?”

Biden: “I wanna freak Mike Pence out”

Obama: “But why?”

Biden: “Just roll with it”

Source: Twitter @Thomas_A_Moore









Biden: I’m not giving them the wifi password.

Obama: Joe…

Biden: I said what I said.

Source: Twitter @pieceofjay










Biden: You know what we outta do? Snatch his tupae and play monkey in the middle.

Obama: Jo-


Source: Twitter @afroboiii









Joe: Okay so we sneak in one night around February, steal his shoes

Obama: Joe..

Joe: And then dump legos all over the floor

Source: Twitter @jaquelinehey










Biden: *whispers* I left a bag of Cheetos in the bathroom.

Obama: Why?

Biden: in cases he needs to powder his nose.

Obama: Joe…..

Source: Twitter @Barack_and_Joe










Biden: What if we paint the Mexican flag in the office?

Obama: Joe, no

Biden: I already ordered the paint

Obama: Joe

Source: Twitter @tragecies










Trump: Can I get past

Biden: What’s the password

Trump: I don’t know

Biden: Losers say what

Trump: What

Obama: JOE

Source: Twitter @chanelpuke









Obama: Did you replace all the toiletries with travel size bottles?

Biden: He’s got tiny hands Barack, I want him to feel welcome here.

Source: Twitter @jbillinson














Obama: Check pl-

Joe:  Actually, we’ll take five more milkshakes and you can bill the White House on January 21st

Source: Twitter @jbillinson









Biden: I’m gonna throw his wig into the fireplace.

Obama: Joe, don’t.

Biden: One horcrux down, 6 to go.

Source: Twitter @HobbitLindsey










Biden: Barack please don’t leave me with them

Obama: joe you’re leaving when I leave

Biden: oh right lmao love u

Source: Twitter @witchyvibe









Biden: I’m going to ask Donald if he wants something to eat.

Obama: That’s nice, Joe

Biden: And then I’m going to offer him knuckle sandwiches  

Source: Twitter @JillBidenVeep














Obama: Joe please stop trying to sneak up on me during press conferences

Biden: ….

Obama: Joe I can hear you humming the Jaws theme














Biden: How does a train eat?

Obama: Not now, Joe.

Biden: Chew Chew.

Obama: …

Joe: Pound it out.

Source: Twitter @JillBidenVeep











Biden: Like heck am I leaving him any ice cream, Barack here take a cone

Obama: Joe you know I’m lactose into-

Biden: Like. Heck.

Source: Twitter










Biden: Cmon you gotta print a fake birth certificate, put it in an envelope labeled “SECRET” and leave it in the oval office desk

Obama: joe

Source: Twitter @jonnysun