The Best Coffee Shops Near Manhattan College

The perfect way to wake up, break up your day, or just walk around campus, is to enjoy a cup of coffee. There are several types of coffee shops around Manhattan College. Some examples include Prince Coffee House, Mon Amour Coffee & Wine, Moss Cafe, and Kuro Kirin Espresso & Coffee. Here’s a detailed list of each of these coffee shops! 

Prince Coffee House

Prince Coffee House is 2.6 miles away from MC and offers breakfast and coffee. There is an option for takeout and it is labeled with two dollar signs on Yelp. Prince Coffee House is a quick uber ride away from an enjoyable and refreshing coffee. 

Mon Amour Coffee

Mon Amour Coffee is a coffee house that is 0.4 miles away from MC and offers outdoor seating. One has the opportunity to walk from MC and enjoy an outdoor experience while eating and sipping coffee. It is labeled with one dollar sign on Yelp and the precautions they take against coronavirus are highlighted. 

Moss Cafe

Moss Cafe is 0.5 miles away from MC and offers full meals, baked goods, and an espresso bar. It is labeled with two dollars signs on Yelp, in addition to many positive reviews about the atmosphere and food. Moss Cafe is within walking distance for an enjoyable coffee or meal. 

Kuro Kirin Espresso & Coffee

Kuro Kirin Espresso & Coffee is 2 miles from MC and offers takeout through both online and walk-in orders. On Yelp, there are several reviews about the friendly staff and delicious coffee.

Overall, each coffee shop has its own unique atmosphere and food to offer, but I suggest trying out any of these shops while at Manhattan College this semester. While in this pandemic, a simple walk to a coffee shop with friends can make your day a little brighter. I hope you enjoy these coffee shops!