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Rebecca McCann

Hot girl walks are an amazing addition to every lifestyle routine! They allow for individuals to give time to themselves with no distractions. During these walks it is usual for some to listen to their favorite songs, listen podcasts they may enjoy, call someone they have not spoken to in a while and anything in between. 

A great thing about hot girl walks is that they are free! You do not have to find yourself in a gym to be able to hop on this trend. Throw on your sneakers and see where your feet take you! No matter how short or how far you walk, getting your body moving is super important.

Healthline.com lists a ton of benefits that walks can allow for individuals. A few of my favorites include the physical and mental health aspects. Exercising outdoors can help contribute to strong bones by upping the amount of vitamin D produced. Listening to music while exercising can also help maintain a healthy blood pressure. Exercising in general has a lot of great mental benefits, such as reducing stress and anxiety, so it might as well be something enjoyable!

Personally I have noticed a huge difference in my mental health since I started doing hot girl walks. I feel both less anxious and stressed when I finish each walk. I also feel like my physical health has improved in the few months I have been walking. All around I feel better both mentally and physically and would highly encourage everyone to give hot girl walks a try.

Rebecca McCann

Manhattan '23

Communications major concentrating in media production with a minor in psychology