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Andrew Melitsanopoulos

MC’s Boys Soccer Team Captain and Campus Cutie, Andrew “Meli” Melitsanopoulos, comes from Norwalk, CT. Sophomore (and single, ladies!) Andrew majors in psychology and government.


Manhattan Life:

HC: Favorite part about Manhattan College?

Andrew: The class sizes and the tight-knit community. These features help create an environment that prepares students for success after they graduate.

HC: Best memory from being on the soccer team?

Andrew: The day before my birthday in my freshman year, we played Marist at Gaelic Park. We needed a win to help us clinch a MAAC playoff spot. We were down 2-1 with about ten minutes left, and I scored two goals in a little over a minute to get us the win. My whole family was there to see, and we ended up going to the MAAC semifinals that year.

HC: Favorite food place near campus?

Andrew: The Greek Express, for obvious reasons. Doesn’t beat mom’s cooking but any Greek food is good food.


Fun Facts:

HC: Favorite Disney movie?

Andrew: Beauty and the Beast, no question.

HC: Currently, what is your most played song on your iPod?

Andrew: Mr. Rager, by Kid Cudi.

HC: Biggest pet peeve?

Andrew: Torn between when my socks don’t match and when someone is ignorant, both equally annoying.  

HC: What is your one guilty pleasure?

Andrew: Karaoke Night, pretending like it’s just for laughs when in reality I’m singing my heart out hoping for a record deal.

HC: If you could have dinner with anyone in history who would it be?

Andrew: I would have loved to have dinner with JFK. He had so much to offer the country. I would not only want to talk politics, but I would want to get to know him as a person away from the executive office too.

HC: Celebrity crush?

Andrew: Jessica Alba

HC: What is your ideal date?

Andrew: Tough, depends where you are. Ideally, it would be a candlelit dinner at a pristine restaurant. Impeccable wine and dessert because there’s always room for that. Followed by a night walk on the beach afterwards, ending the night with stargazing.

HC: What is something that not many people know about you?

Andrew: My first name is actually Andreas– in Greek, meaning manliness and bravery. I just went by Andrew as a kid since that’s the American translation.


Tasia (pronounced tuh-see-yuh... yes, like the greeting "good to see ya") Adamakos is a Sophomore at Manhattan College, majoring with a journalism concentration, and minoring in English. Potbelly pig enthusiast, and a firm believer on women drinking Jack Daniels over vodka sodas, she constantly dreams of living in Manhattan to be a famous food writer (which would hopefully entail more eating than writing). Follow her on instagram @tasia_adamakos
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