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Amazon Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Manhattan chapter.

Amazon is one of those websites I always find myself on when I am bored. I am always looking for a new gadget to make my life easier. Here are some of my favorite amazon products that most people do not know about!

1.) Milk Frother

Although I do not drink coffee my sister does and she uses this every single day. It is a milk frother she purchased on amazon for twenty dollars. It is super cute and minimalistic looking on your countertop. It is also super quiet and compared to the blender she used to use it is perfect for making her milk thicker! It is great for a dorm room!

2.) Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

This product was recommended by a family member and it is life changing! It is twenty-five dollars and the easiest way to cook breakfast. You first add your bread and bacon then add her egg to the egg section and put the second piece of bread on. Then it all cooks together and makes you a breakfast sandwich without having to use any pots or pans. It is perfect for a dorm room!

3.) Play 22 4 Way Play Tunnel 

My family recently got a puppy and this children’s toy is the perfect play area for her. It folds up super small and pops into a large play area with lots of entrances and exits. It was thirty dollars on amazon but it is so worth it. You could use it with kids or pets of any kind. 

I highly recommend all of these products I have explained above. Remember to shop local when possible but sometimes amazon is the easiest place to buy because of the quick prime delivery services! Happy shopping everyone!