Amazing Places to Brunch in NYC

Brunch. One of the greatest inventions created by mankind. How could you go wrong? Lunch and breakfast in one? Sign me up.People go to brunch for multiple occasions. To celebrate birthdays or anniversaries. To go on a date. To reunite with an old friend. Brunch is the answer for everything and that being said, there are hundreds of places in the city that are ultimate brunch spots.

For starters, if you go to East Village, there is a whole community dedicated to brunch. Restaurants are lined up next to each other, ready to serve the classics. Poco-NYC is an awesome spot with a great crowd of people. There were good vibes and the staff was extremely friendly. When I went, I had gotten avocado toast with an egg on it with potatoes on the side. Literally, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. My roommate has gotten the french toast and she raved about it the whole way back. The good thing about Poco-NYC is that there are a ton of vegetarian options. They also do events at night time such as comedy shows.

If you want some culture in your food, Fonda is also on point. Fonda has multiple locations- Chelsea and East Village are the best ones. The menu is super diverse with Huevos Rancheros and the Omelet de Espinaca. Basically, if you’re feeling some good Mexican food, this is your place.

Personally, my favorite place ever is Cafe Cordabito in East Village. Their Cordabito Burger is absolutely mouth-watering and full of flavor. There’s an egg inside so the yolk spreads inside the burger once you take a bite. I have to say it can get a little messy. The Guacamole Toast with eggs is also amazing. Definitely get anything with an egg on it because the eggs are to die for. They also serve great appetizers such as guacamole with plantains.

If you are a vegan, Jajaja is an awesome spot for some of the greatest vegan brunch foods in NYC. This place can make anyone go vegan! I was truly amazed at how delicious all the food was. They had a wide assortment of food as well and the environment was so friendly. It reminded me of a hole in the wall since it seems like not that many people know about it. Their nachos >>>>>> any other nachos. I wanted to lick the bowl clean- that’s how good it was. If you are thinking about trying out any of these places, Jajaja has to be number one on your list.