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By Angelica Niedermeyer

Coming home from college is always a weird transition. From busy class schedules to spending time with old friends and doing activities from high school, every time I go home, one thing that always reverts back is my style of clothes.

At school in the Bronx, we keep to the NYC style of sleek looking posh attire. We wear a lot of black in the winter, big sweaters and baggy jeans with some kind of street sneakers. Here, we style things that are trending like chains and funky belts; we embrace alternative and thrifted looks, like funky patterns and a lot of jewelry. I don’t like to carry too much because of traveling on the subway, so I will usually have my phone with my wallet sticker on the back or a small bag to hold my chapstick, pepper spray, and metro cards.

At home at the Jersey Shore, I go full hippy. I almost always have a bathing suit under my clothes because the ocean is right there. I like to wear flowy shorts and tiny tops, or baggy pants and crocheted tops. I don’t go anywhere without my circle sunglasses, bucket hat and of course my go to footwear- Birkenstocks. I carry my crossbody flower bag with everything I need from tanning oil and bug spray to extra towels and bathing suits.

My style changes greatly wherever I am because of the different lifestyles I live while I am there. In the city, everyone is conscious of what they wear because it is one of the fashion capitals of the world. Everyone is wearing something practical yet something that makes a statement. At home, I wear what is comfortable and what is convenient for the day’s adventures at the beach or wherever my Honda Civic takes me. 

So, when adjusting your NYC style to your hometown, remember that you should wear whatever makes you feel happy. If that means not conforming to your cities’ norms, so be it! You should never be afraid to express yourself in your clothes at home or in NYC. 

Jana Clark

Manhattan '22

Jana Clark is a senior at Manhattan College majoring in Communication with a minor in Environmental Studies. Her passions include writing, photography, and health/nutrition! One day she hopes to work for a nonprofit organization where she can be part of the effort to end the marginalization of vulnerable communities and fight for social justice. You can often find Jana volunteering, at the gym, or exploring different parts of the Big Apple.