8 Ways to Stay Positive When Times Are Tough

Staying positive 100 percent of the time is impossible; we all get down every now and then. But constantly getting down on yourself and failing to see the bright side of life can be problematic. It can be harmful to your mental and even physical health. 

Maintaining a positive mindset when times are tough, is easier said than done; it can be extremely challenging. If you’re looking to stay positive in your life, then follow these tips below to increase your positivity. Although these tips and tricks may not make these tough times any easier, here are some ways to maintain a sense of positivity in your life. 

Change Your Mindset 

A positive life comes with a positive mindset. Again, way easier said than done, but try to alter the way you think and be that glass-half-full type of person. 

For instance, let’s say things didn’t go your way. Instead of getting down on yourself and being upset at the circumstances, try to look on the bright side of the situation. See failure as a learning experience and growth opportunity. Instead of dwelling on the bad, look at the potential good that can come out of it. 

It may take some time to adjust to this way of thinking, and at first, you may have to trick yourself into thinking this way. But keep doing it and eventually, it will become habitual. Soon, you’ll be able to see every negative as a positive. 

Enjoy the Little Things

We get so caught up in the bigger picture that we often forget to take note of the little, positive things in our lives. 

Yes, your life may not be ideal right now, but try to find the joy in the seemingly minuscule aspects of your life. Doing so is sure to increase positivity at some point in your day. 

Enjoy a cup of tea. Soak up the sun and take in the warm weather. Be thankful for the fresh air and the fresh scent of flowers. 

Take note of the little things because they add up to the big things; you’ll naturally encounter many little things throughout the course of your day. Once you revel in the little things, you’ll be hit with constant enjoyment, which ultimately leads to constant positivity. 

Surround Yourself with Loved Ones

If you’re fortunate enough to be with the ones you love, spend some time with them. Even in the age of social distancing, FaceTime them, text them, or call and check in on them. 

Being with friends and family will be sure to put a smile on your face. You’re in an environment with people you love, and people who love you too– which is a warm, comforting feeling. I always say home is not a place, but it’s the people you’re with and the feeling you get when surrounded by them. 

Know You’re Not Alone 

It’s easy to feel isolated and like you’re the only one going through this experience. But keep in mind that you are not alone. 

Not only are other people going through the same thing as you, but there’s always someone out there to support you. Even if you don’t know who that person is exactly, I promise you there is someone out there willing to help.

Focus on Yourself

It’s the era of self-love! If you want to stay positive, focus on yourself. Do what makes YOU happy. 

Of course, I always think it’s good to be considerate of others, but sometimes you need to put yourself before anyone else. Practicing self-care will make you feel so much better about yourself, and in turn increase positivity in your life. 

Implement a new skincare routine. Start working out every day. Treat yourself with dessert. Start a new Netflix show. Do whatever it is you do to have the me-time you so well deserve. 

Do Something that Makes You Happy 

If you want to stay positive, do the things that make you happy! Similar to the last one, you need to be focusing on your own happiness if you want to maintain a positive mindset. 

Pay attention to your own happiness, regardless of how it may impact others. That may sound harsh and inconsiderate, but if it helps you maintain positivity during tough times, then its necessary that you do that. 

You should prioritize your happiness because your happiness is a critical component to staying positive. 

Look Towards the Future

These tough times won’t last forever. Life may not be so good for you right now, but know that it will get better. 

Think about the future and how happy you’ll be one day. It may days, weeks, even years from now, but it will eventually come. That sense of hope is something to keep you positive and motivated. 

Know that things happen for a reason 

This is a hard pill to swallow and it may be hard to see the reasoning behind life’s circumstances. But trust me, things happen for a reason. 

Sometimes you need to experience a low before you experience a high. In fact, you wouldn’t know what happiness and positivity feel like if you never experience sadness and negativity. The circumstances you’re in now could even lead to something positive in the future. 

It’s comforting to realize that things happen for a reason and that this was supposed to happen. There’s a sense of hope in knowing that whatever you’re going through will lead to something great. 

We all go through tough times in life. But know that whatever you’re feeling now doesn’t last forever. Staying positive is easier said than done, and it’s a process to reach constant positivity. These tips may not alter your life drastically, but I hope they helped you find some sense of positivity in your life. Keep your head up and look towards a brighter future.  

This article was originally published on the author’s blog, Christineeve.com