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8 Things Every Single Girl Should Remember This Valentine’s Day

Do you smell that? Love is in the air – well, for some. Aside from those lucky enough to be in a relationship this Valentine’s Day, the rest of us will likely be stuffing our faces with heart shaped pizza, complaining to Russell Stover about our unrequited love and pretending the sappy holiday doesn’t exist at all. But below are some of the positive aspects of Valentine’s Day that even the single ladies can celebrate. 

1. The first and most important thing to remember about V-Day is that GALENTINE’S DAY comes first. 

So celebrate the unbridled love you have for your best gal pals. 

2. Remember that Valentine’s Day provides us with the perfect excuse to be shameless chocoholics.

4. Remember that there’s no “we” in Valentine’s Day but there is an I, so take some time for yourself.

5. Remember that Valentine’s Day is predominantly a Hallmark holiday and overall pretty cheesy. 

6. Also remember V-Day is the perfect opportunity to make fun of hopeless romantics and their PDA.

7. Remember that your relationship status is by no means indicative of your self worth!

8. And most importantly, remember that your parents will probably send you chocolates (and hopefully some much needed cash).

Happy Valentine’s Day! 


Rachel is a lover of the oxford comma, rainy days, and anything breakfast related.
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