7 Ideas for Your At-Home Spring Break

Typically when you think of Spring Break, you picture laying out on a beach in some warm place or surrounded by your friends in some remote destination. Either way, what you most likely think of is being away from home and actually going someplace. However, what happens when your spring break plans fall through? For me, at least, I was supposed to go to California, then to take a road trip with no real destination, and it was an impromptu stay at my roommates house. Except… none of that is happening now. Instead, I am going home, which would normally be a really nice vacation, but none of my family is in town and all my high school friends have already had their spring breaks.

This got me thinking of some things to do while I’m home to make my break as much of a break as I can. The list I made is comprised of 7 things to do for anyone who is going home for break:

1. Go Outside

One of my favorite things to do in the spring and summer is sitting outside and reading a book or doing some kind of work. It’s relaxing to just listen to the sounds of nature and do something that you like. Depending on where you live, it may be a little cold in mid-March for work outside, but even going for a walk or hike in your area will kill some time and get you in the in the right frame of mind for the rest of the semester.

2. Have a Spa Night

A spa night is the perfect way to destress after a grueling first half of the semester. There is no better way to get back into a healthy mindset than a night of pampering and self-care. Some suggestions for your at-home spa include a face mask (either bought or homemade), painting your nails, a hair mask, and anything else you deem relaxing. Feel free to pick and choose your activities and play some music to really get you in the mood.

3. Movie Marathon

Everyone knows that binging a show is easier than ever with Netflix, Hulu, and other media streaming services accessible with just one click. Pick a day, or night, that you have ample time and no obligations, and choose a show you otherwise wouldn’t be able to start at school due to your busy schedule of extracurriculars and assignments. Netflix always gives recommendations with the little bell icon in the right corner, or ask your friends what shows they enjoy. Pop some popcorn, get some snacks, and bundle up for the optimal movie night experience.

4. Go to your Favorite Spot

I live in a pretty small town, and my favorite spot has always been a little coffee shop called Common Grounds. Honestly, every break I look forward to getting the best Vanilla Chai Latte ever created and getting some work done there. Not only does it make the work go by faster, but I am being productive while still enjoying my break at the same time.

5. Have A Treat

Making a special dinner or baking a treat for yourself can be both fun and relaxing. Nothing is better than eating something you cooked, and admiring your own creation. If you’re not the best chef or baker grab, some take-out of your favorite food and enjoy.

6. Hit the Gym

For me, going to the gym is a great way to get rid of unwanted stress and to keep healthy. Plus, it’s a great way to get out of your house and see other people. I know that when I’m at my regular gym, I see all the friends I’ve made over the summer and start to catch-up. Not only will you be keeping fit, but you’ll also be having fun too.

7. Make your Own Fun

This may be the most important idea, since you don’t have to spend any money at all to just have fun. You can make your own fun by simply just putting on some music and singing or dancing. Be sure to keep your break light and entertaining this way when you come back to school you’ll feel refreshed.