6 Outfit Ideas for Every Kind of Boot

During the winter, we all fall under the same dull routine in our clothing choices. Here I have listed below are a couple helpful ideas for what to wear with every kind of boot in your closet for those who are interested in shaking it up occasionally. Additionally, a tip in how to master a stylish outfit with your snow boots.

Knee-High Boots

A new fun way of wearing knee-high boots would be with longer hemlines. Think midi skirts and even maxi styles. The longer hemlines work best with higher-cut boots. A helpful tip is make sure that the hemline of the dress or skirt you are wearing completely hides, or drapes over the top of your boots.

Over-the-Knee Boots

One trend that has continue to thrive in the past few seasons are miniskirts. Recycle your miniskirts from the fall season to winter season and add the boots. Over-the-knee boots not only make you look taller but it will offer extra warmth while looking stylish. If you want to appear even taller, make sure that the bottom half of your body is dressed the same shade. For instance, wear a black mini skirt with black tights and black over-the-knee boots for a longer silhouette.

Sock Ankle Boots

To style one of the rising trend boots, wear sock ankle boots with another season’s trend: cropped flare jeans. Always go for a heel with this cut of boot if you are wearing with a skirt or dress. The best part is that most sock ankle boots have a block heel meaning that it is much easier and comfortable to walk in.

Flat Ankle Boots

A flat ankle boot is pretty much the most versatile piece out there. This boot is guaranteed to work on anyone and with any outfit. If you are looking for a more fun, new interesting way of wearing this cut of boot, throw on a pair of interesting pants- like culottes or graph cutouts. You can wear them with your favorite pants, skirts, or dresses- literally anything.

Heeled Ankle Boots

Now, if you are the type of lady who likes to dress up more and feel polished - especially in the winter season - opt for a pointed toe heeled ankle boot. Wear the boots the way you would normally wear a pair of pumps (Yes, I do mean bring on the fitted slacks and tailored blazers for those who love the everyday office look). You are just substituting regular heels for heeled ankle boots without the potential of your toes getting frostbite.

Snow Boots

These boots can be difficult to style but are quite necessary to keep your feet warm and protected from the snow. The secret behind styling snow boots is to stick with a color palette and balanced proportions. Roomy turtleneck poncho with fitted leggings. Tan shearling with tan knits. You will not only look very stylish but super comfortable.