5 Ways to Customize your Clothing Style

As the weather starts to get warm during the spring season, I find myself putting way more effort into my outfit choices rather than just lazily getting dressed in leggings and sweatshirts for class. With said effort, I experiment more with my wardrobe and have come across a few ways to make outfits fit my style. I wouldn’t call myself a fashion expert, but here are a few simple ways you can customize your wardrobe. 


1. Paint Designs 

Take any item of clothing, some paint, and decorate your clothes to show off your style! From t-shirts to shoes, you can essentially paint a design on any piece of clothing. Some artistic ability may be required for this one, yet it really depends on what you paint. Personally, I’ve painted t-shirts, sweatshirts, a pair of sneakers, and a denim jacket. I love any design that has to do with flowers, as you can see by my sneakers and jacket pictured below. If interested, I suggest using acrylic paint to do so. 

2. Cut Your Clothes

Cutting an item of clothing can totally reinvent it’s look and the way it fits your body. If a sweatshirt or t-shirt is too baggy, cutting and cropping it will make all the difference! Wear your creation with a pair of high-waisted jeans to create a cute outfit. 

3. Incorporate a Staple-Piece

To really emphasize your style, commonly incorporate a specific item into your outfits. For me, I often wear colorful headwraps/headbands. When my friends see me wearing that they’ll say “oh, that look is so you!” It’s just a little something that has been able to help me craft my clothing style recently. 

4. Accessorize

Sometimes, accessories can take an outfit to a whole new level. I wish I did more with this than I actually do, but adding an accessory can create the unique look you’re going for. Try using headbands, scarves, and belts when you’re in a pinch and feel like your outfit needs a little something extra. In addition, go to the craft store and buy some fun pins and patches to put on clothes! This is most commonly done on jackets and bags, but feel free to add them to any item of clothing! 

5. Just Do You 

When it comes to clothes, you should wear what feels right for you! Everyone’s style is different, so be yourself when it comes to picking your wardrobe. The clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in create the best style.