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By Samantha Keating

As we progress towards the beginning of the end of the semester it is important to stay goal-oriented. It can really improve your morale to take a few minutes out of the day to figure out what exactly it is you want and manifest it into existence. Your manifestations can be both academic and personal. Just focus on what’s best for your health and speak the thoughts into existence. Below are five things I’m currently manifesting into my life.

I will remain in or fall back into good health.

This is both physical and mental. Practicing good health is so important as self-care should always be a top priority. I find that manifesting my health helps me to stay more attentive to my own needs and to listen to what my body wants.

I will excel in my classes. Every day is a new opportunity to learn and I am grateful.

I’ve been especially manifesting this recently. In the stressful times of midterm week and having many assignments it is easy to become overwhelmed and to become apprehensive towards school. I like to take the time to state how grateful I am to be receiving a quality education. Even though workloads may be insane it’s nice to remind yourself that everything will be worth it one day

I will feel an abundance of happiness in my life each and every day. 

Positive thoughts make the world go round. It’s very easy to get caught up in a negative mindset but starting the day by saying this manifestation may bring some joy to your day. I like to say this in the morning then repeat it at night while going through all the things that made me happy during the day!

Everyone around me will find success and happiness in their lives.

This is one of my favorite manifestations. I love speaking of good fortune for those around me. Manifesting for the well-being of my loved ones always puts me in a better mood.

The universe will put me on the path that is right for me and my happiness.

I find that this is a wonderful way to conclude your manifestations. Realistically, not everything you wish for in life will end up exactly as you want it to. I love to speak into existence my trust for the universe and acknowledge that even if things aren’t going my way now, I believe the universe will lead me to the correct path in time. 

I hope that these manifestations will inspire you when thinking of what you want the universe to bring to you! 

Samantha Keating

Manhattan '24

Sophomore at Manhattan College studying elementary and special education with an English concentration!
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