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5 Fun Things to Do with Your Friends Amid COVID-19


Covid has truly altered our lives, especially college students and how we have fun. Since we are not allowed to gather in large groups anymore, big parties are out of the question. That also means no clubbing, tailgates, or sports games. But to be honest, I think one thing that this whole thing has taught me is how creative my friends and I have really been when it comes to things we can do and what we’ve come up with. I can honestly say that I’ve still managed to have a lot of fun this semester with my close group of friends so far while still being safe. Here are some ideas of how to have fun with your friends during this time. Now granted, I am in a city, so I will say it’s a little bit easier because I do have a lot more options than some other areas might, but I still think this is a pretty good list of ideas that you can do wherever you are:

Picnic in the park: 

While the weather is still nice, go to the park with friends and bring a picnic! It’s super fun and cheap, and you can get lots of cute pictures on a beautiful day.

Spa and movie night:

 You can set up your own mini spa in your dorm or apartment! Grab some nail polish, face masks, your favorite movie, and you’re good to go! (Oh and don’t forget the wine!)

Game night: 

This one has been a big hit with my friends and I! Get out Cards Against Humanity, Truth or Drink, or even just something classic like Life! Everyone can get really into it and show their competitive side!

Cupcake decorating night: 

Separate the ingredients safely, and have a cupcake decorating contest! It’s fun and delicious!

Go camping: 

Plan a weekend with the girls in the outdoors, or in a cabin! There are so many scenic outdoor areas that will make for a pretty weekend away! You can do so many different things like hiking, making s’mores, playing games, bonding and more!

I hope you and your friends have fun with these activities!


Molly Prior

Manhattan '21

Molly Prior is a senior at Manhattan College studying communications and journalism. With a passion for women's empowerment and lifestyle, she hopes to write for a magazine such as Cosmopolitan or Women's Health.