Coldbrew French Press Pouring Coffee

5 Alternatives to Coffee that are *Actually* Worth it

Ahh yes, coffee. It’s the reason many of us get out of bed in the morning and get through the day. It’s also the most widely consumed psychoactive drug in the world. (yes, caffeine is a drug!) Though it may not be even remotely close to a dangerous opioid or marijuana, caffeine still does have addictive natural ingredients that make us crave more. I started drinking coffee during my senior year of high school, and once I got to college, I really started drinking it on a daily basis. I discovered how much it really kept me awake for early mornings and busy days and it helped improve my focus. Though coffee has been proven to be perfectly safe to drink daily and even has a lot of benefits, there are many reasons people try to stop drinking it. Coffee can cause stomach issues, increased heart rate, and sleep issues. You may just want a break from the dependency, or even not to spend as much money (it can get expensive!) So here are five popular alternatives to coffee that I’ve discovered are a pretty decent substitute:


Yes, it may seem obvious, but it’s a good one. You can still get your caffeine in tea! Tea is good if you’re looking to cut back on the caffeine, but not cut it out completely and feel miserable. You can get really yummy flavors too! My personal favorite is the strawberry acai tea from Starbucks!

Water with Fruits:

Take some ice water and put fruits like oranges, lemons, pineapples, or really anything together. Fruits have antioxidants that provide so many benefits and will have you feeling refreshed. A friend suggested that I do this once before an exam where I had a major headache, and it really helped me feel a lot better!

Chicory Coffee:

Chicory root can be ground into a beverage. This has received many positive reviews from coffee drinkers and is said to taste almost identical to coffee, but without the caffeine!


Combining fruits, protein yogurt, and other healthy ingredients make for a great energy-boosting combination. If you have a smoothie, you can start your day right and feel great without the caffeine!


Last but not least. Yes, you’re probably rolling your eyes but decaf is good for when you’re starting to quit. By drinking decaf, you can “trick” your brain into thinking it’s coffee and this can help make cutting back easier. Plus you can still get the taste! 

I hope these alternatives will help you if you’re looking to cut back on coffee or caffeine consumption!