25 Phrases Overhead at Every MC Pregame

It's a few hours past that inevitable Friday group text from your girlfriends...."RC tonight?" Before you know it, you find yourself sitting in your friend's room or apartment getting ready for the night out after a long week of tests, exams, and hating yourself for registering for that 8 a.m. But amidst the wine bag slapping, tequila chugging, Icona Pop lip syncing, hair straightening, gossiping madness of every collegiate MC pregame are a few phrases you're bound to hear out of the mouths of your girlfriends, whether you're in OV, Jasper, or your own off-campus apartment. (And let's be real, we're used to them all by now...)

1. "It's Cannon's, you'll be fine."

2. "Do I look desperate if I wear wedges?"

3. "We better get JDel tonight."

4. "Omg stop, I need a Tom Kelly."

5. "Last year I spent every Jasper Dollar I had on loaded fries."

6. "If he's there do you think he'll buy me a drink?"

7. "OMG I saw him in Locke's this morning and I thought of you."

8. "Pat is outside right now like this is 1Oak or something."

9. "Last weekend it was $5 to get into a house full of tapped kegs."

10. "Why am I doing my hair if it's just going to be a sweat box when I walk in?"

11. "HAHAHAHAHA do that again I wanna make it my story."

12. "Can I have some of your wine to chase with?"

13. "Does this look enough like me?"

14. "The only problem is that it doesn't scan."

15. "42 Elmwood Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island 02901"

16. "42 Elmwood Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island 02901"

17. "42 Elmwood Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island 02901"

17. "Wait, is the 1 down?"

18. "We could get one of the "Taxi Miss?" cabs on Broadway!?"

19. "Nevermind let's just stay local."

20. "Next weekend can we go downtown or something?"

21. "YES like VIP Room or Avenue, I wanna get dressed up!!!!!"


23. (gagging)

24. "Oh my GOD I hate you for that"

25. "Let's go, the line is going to be FOREVER and we have to get a booth"