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20 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs Guy Bestfriends

1.     Your group of guy friends will always tell you the truth…especially about your outfits. They’ll tell you that shirt you like makes you look hot…or if you should burn it if you ever hope of getting a boyfriend.

2.     One of them will always be willing to be the designated photographer for you and your girls. It may take some time for him to learn what your best angles are, but he’ll do it.

3.     When a creepy guy is hitting on you at the bar, you’ll always have a fake boyfriend on hand (just take your pick).

4.     When that hot guy is hitting on you at the bar, you’ll always have a great wingman on hand.

5.     They’ll always be protective of you, even if it hurts your feelings sometimes. Who knows boys, better than boys? They’ll tell if that guy you always make eye contact with in the cafeteria is into you…or into the guy behind you.

6.     Your boyfriends and their girlfriends are always suspicious of your relationship, but it’s a bond thats hard to explain.


7.     They’re usually pretty unbiased, mainly because they think your problems are silly. But if you’re sad about something, they’ll listen. No matter what.

8.     The biggest fights you’ll ever have is over whose sports team is better, but rivalry night is always fun and you always have someone to go to the game with.

9.     After a break up your girlfriends will suggest wine and ice cream, but your guys will suggest a shooting range and a bar.


10. Sometimes they need you to be their mom-away-from-mom, especially when they get sick. Men are babies. But you love being there for them no matter how sick.

11. They don’t give out compliments on the reg, so when they do, you know they mean it, and that means more than any girls comments on Instagram (“omg you’re perf”).

12. When you’ve had a really bad day they always know exactly what to say. Even though they don’t always like to show it, they love you and can always find the right words (and foods) to cheer you up.

13. Around them you need no filter, be as gross as you want and they’ll always smile at your ugly snapchats with 3 chins.

14. It doesn’t take much to become friends with guys. One solid joke and you’re in. 

15. If you go to different schools they don’t require a lot of maintenance, a phone call every so often to update each other on life is good enough until you reunite and then it’s like you were never apart.

16. You can be each other’s translators. The opposite sex is confusing.

17. They’re the guys that your parents have always loved and trust possibly more than they trust you. They’re just happy someone is looking out for their baby girl.

18. It’s always funny to hear about girls who like your guys; it’s your job to make it as awkward as possible and make sure she’s good enough for him. #JudgingYou

19. They love you and accept you for all your dirty jokes that you can’t tell your girlfriends.

20. In the end, they’re the people that you’re going to want cheering for you at your wedding, being weird uncles to your kids and the people you call up when your boss is making life hell for you. Guy friends will be there for you through everything. Every girl needs her boys.

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