12 Signs You Have Resting Nice Face

Do your friends ever complain about how they're "unapproachable?" Do they ever ask you if they have "resting bitch face?" Do you lie to them and say it's not that they "resting b*tch face," they're just intimidating? Chances are if you can say "no" to these then you're on the other side of the spectrum. You may in fact be suffering from "resting nice face."

1. People feel the need to talk to you on public transportation.

And sometimes do even weirder stuff.

2. You've been told, "You always look so happy!"

3. You attract total weirdos no matter where you go.

They always ask you the weirdest questions.

4. People always ask you for directions.

It always happens when you don't know where you are either/

5. Professors always seem to call on you.

Even if you change your seat, or wear a hat or sit in the back, they find you. 

6. People ask you questions in stores even if you don't work there.

"Are you talking to me? Sorry, I don't actually work here."

7. You've never been called intimidating.

What do you mean? I can totally be intimidating!

8. Children seem to love you.

Yeah, they're cute, but sometimes you just don't want to deal.

9. People try to talk to you in elevators. 

10. People try to talk to you while waiting in lines.

11. People try to talk to you while you have headphones in.

12. People try to talk to you, well, anywhere. 

Sometimes you just want to be left alone. But with resting nice face, it's not gunna happen.