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11 Signs You’re A Senior In College

Your senior year is a little bittersweet. At this point in time, you’re either extremely jaded and find yourself doing things like, yelling at freshmen to get off your lawn (when you’re really just sitting on the quad) or calling the cops on the local bars so the booths are swept clean of children with fake IDs, or you’re living it up and cherishing every little morsel of your final year at school. Whether you consider yourself a cranky college elder or plan to be the senior dancing on the table at a freshman dorm room  party – these are the signs that you’ve reached your final lap.

1. Wearing anything less than “athleisure” or “comfy-chic” clothes out to the bar, literally sounds horrible.

2. Everyone keeps asking you what you’re doing next year (but you have no idea).

3. You feel like you could be one of the freshman’s parents (are they all that small?). 

4. You’ve gotten a little too casual with your Professors and faculty members

5. Going out is no longer reserved for Thursday to Saturday. The bartenders have started saving your table every night of the week. 

6. People you know are starting to get job offers… haha same…

7. Just like those internships, people are getting into relationships…maybe hoping it will turn into something serious.

8. You’re still single though and thats fine; it’s fine right? I’m asking for a friend.

9. You’re crossing things off your “last first” list, like your last “first day of school.”

10. You’re starting to realize that 4 years goes by a lot quicker than you thought…

11. You’ve also briefly consider failing all your classes so you can stay longer…


And if you ever have to give a freshman advice you’ll tell them…

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