The 10 Struggles of Making Next Semester's Schedule

1. Wow, another semester is almost in the books. Time to make next semester's schedule!

2. Alright, solid, first two classes fit nicely together.

3. Ouch, okay, so the one class I need is on Fridays at 8am...

4. Well, I could always take it in the Spring...

See you in 2 semesters Music 150

5. Okay, back to the 2 that are good

6. Alright so there are like 3 options that fit for the next one... I'm gunna need more paper

7. Okay. We're good so I still dont' have class Friday but I'm gunna have to make a sacrifice

I'll have to take the professor that got a 2 on know.. the one with horrible reviews?

8. Anything for no class on Fridays #DiggingMyOwnGrave

9. So we have about 7 different schedule possibilities

10. Well, we'll just see how registration goes....