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10 Struggles of Living in Jasper Hall

Oh, Jasper! Now if you’re wondering, “Where’s Jasper Hall?” Have no fear we are not C-Block, we have air conditioning. We may not have an elevator, but we will have a brand new one in January. We’re the hall right behind C-Block and you haven’t experienced the struggle unless you’ve lived here first hand. But it’s one hell of a time.


1. Going To The Bathroom

Going to the bathroom in Jasper has got to be one of the worst things known to man. Now, I am not saying that the communal bathroom situation is bad, because it’s not, I am just saying that it is a literal struggle! There is always that awkward moment when you have to go, well you know, but someone else is already in the stall and you don’t know whether you should go in or just let them have their time. Another struggle of the bathroom situation in Jasper is when they don’t clean it on the weekends and we all know it’s oh SO hard to flush the toilet, right ladies? Sigh.  




2. Trying To Shower While They’re Cleaning The Bathrooms

Imagine this: you snooze all of your alarms except your last one: 7:30a.m.. You wake up with just enough time to slip on a pair of sweats and a hoodie for your 8 a.m. class. You rush to class with no time to shower, you end up having a meeting with your professor directly after your classes end and you don’t end up getting back to your room until 3 p.m.. You get into your room, throw everything on the floor, immediately take off all of your clothes, put your towel on, grab your caddy and walk to the shower only to discover that the janitors are cleaning. After a long hard day of being gross, you can’t shower. Then, you’re forced to sit in your room until you see the janitor walk past your room with a bucket and that’s your cue to go. And when you see them, you get up, and you go. 







3. Using The Microwave And Blowing A Fuse

This is so inconvenient at times when you’re in a rush but it also has to be one of the funniest things. I’ve come to the conclusion that I think every two rooms in Jasper run on the same exact power line. It seems every time I decide to make coffee and my neighbor decides to make mac and cheese, we completely lose power. It’s funny at times, but not at 7 a.m. when you’re trying to make coffee before practice and your neighbor is trying to make food before class.  





4. Doing Laundry In The Basement

This doesn’t sound too bad if you live on the first floor because you only have to walk two flights of stairs. But, let me tell you, I can’t even remember how many flights of stairs it’s been after I’ve brought my load of clothes downstairs, walked back up, waited 35 minutes, went back down, put them in the dryer, went back up, waited 45 minutes. That’s not even the end of it. There’s even more stairs because I’ve had to go back down, took my clothes out of the dryer, put them back in because they weren’t dry and go back upstairs. Then, I went back down, took them out of the dryer, brought them upstairs, folded them, collapsed. If I live on the fourth floor, how many flights of stairs has it been? Does that mean I can have an extra cookie at Locke’s?





5. The Current “No Elevator” Situation

Just when you thought the slow elevator in Jasper Hall was miserable, the “no elevator” situation in Jasper Hall is even worse. The news is that a brand new elevator will be installed by the time we come back in January. Great! However, stairs aren’t always my friend. After a full day of classes, I’d like an elevator. After 7 a.m. practice, I’d like an elevator. After doing laundry, I’d like an elevator. To be honest, I always hated elevators, but I would really like an elevator again. And I don’t think I’m the only one.





6. When There’s A Moth In The Shower

I’m not gonna lie, this is pretty funny when it’s not happening to me. Every so often, little bugs like to fly in the shower while someone is showering. The windows in our shower room are always open because it gets all hot and steamy in there fast. So, sometimes bugs fly in. The funniest thing on the planet is when people come running out of the shower soaking wet in a towel, screaming that a bug flew on them. It’s not so funny when it’s me though. Once I stood on one foot trying to defend myself from a bug with my other flip flop. It was scary–but I can laugh about it now. 





7. Kitchen With No Pans

I always love walking into Jasper and smelling fresh chocolate chip cookies.  We went through every single cabinet looking for pans and all we found was come Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a bag of Spicy Cheetos. What do they expect, students come to college with pans and cooking supplies? My cookies aren’t gonna make themselves and I am not wasting a swipe on my MetroCard to go three stops to Target to pay for over priced pans I’m probably gonna use once.





8. Having To Walk Down The Hall To Throw Out Garbage

After a long weekend at Manhattan College, the best thing to hear is someone walking down the hallway at 8 a.m. with a garbage bag, trying not to make all of the bottles and whatever else is in there make noise. It’s almost like the walk of shame, but worse, because when theres beer bottles clinging in your bag, you know deep down if Brother Rob saw this…



9. When You Walk Out Of The Shower And There’s A Group Of Guys

After the shower, it’s hard to look good, I’m sorry. And to the girls who can walk out of the shower and look flawless, props to you. But like I said, it’s not easy. The most awful thing about the shower situation has got to be walking out with a huge towel wrapped around your head, ugly flip flops, a towel slowly falling off of your body… OH! and seeing a guy in the hallway. Whether it be a boyfriend, a friend, a cousin, if you’re a guy, you’re obviously going to notice me as soon as I get out of the shower because of my squeaky ass flip flops. 



10. Loud Noise

Jasper has got to be the most fun hall, I don’t care what anyone says. However, peace and quiet is nice sometimes too. I can’t complain too much, my floor isn’t that bad. But, when the boys upstairs get rowdy, I’m not shy. I will slam my sneaker on the ceiling and scream for them to shut up. 




RikkiLynn is a New Jersey native who currently attends Manhattan College where she is majoring in Communications and English. She enjoys writing about all things pertaining to health, life, love, style, sex, and words. When she’s not writing, she enjoys drinking coffee, filmmaking, painting, photography, reading, running, traveling, and doing yoga. Stalk her at rikkilynn.com.
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